The Confidence wire dog crate is a solid crate for many reasons.

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We've improved our collapsible dog crates to make them even more durable and long-lasting! Our smart new coating is a black powder coat finish that is baked on for greater adhesion, beefing up both durability and rust resistance, while maintaining an inviting appearance. Our wire dog crates are safe, secure and affordable, and when properly introduced, a crate will become your dog's personal retreat offering security and comfort at any time of day. More than just a bed or containment solution, Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crates make for convenient crate training, which is also the quickest and most natural way to housetrain your dog! The Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crates are portable and easy to assemble and break down so you can take your dog along on trips and offer that same sense of security at any destination that your dog enjoys at home. These improved Petco wire dog crates are equipped with a plastic pan, which conveniently slides out for easy cleaning and maintenance. All sizes of Petco collapsible dog crates include a divider panel, except for the x-small size. A crate pad is not included; however, should you decide to add a layer of warmth or soft comfort for your pet, there are a variety of crate pads and blankets to choose from that easily fit into these wire dog crates.
Have pet owners found wire pieces and other foreign objects in Pedigree brand dog food?
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We had to find a way to prevent this from ever happening again. When we went shopping a day or two later we made a stop at one of our local Dollar stores looking for those colorful tube things that kids use for swimming to use to cover the wire on the bottom of their crates so neither dog can hurt themselves in this way again. We found a nifty product made of the same material as those tubes but more flat in a shape which reminds me of a miniature surfboard about an inch and a half thick. I think kids lay on them and paddle around in the water. Â Â Pet owners have found wire pieces and other foreign objects in Pedigree brand dog food.
Photo provided by FlickrIn my opinion, the very best crates are collapsible wire dog crates – for a variety of reasons.
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A crate is probably one of the first purchases you’ll make after adopting a new puppy. Not only does a crate expedite the house training process, it provides your dog someplace safe to call his own. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of a wire dog crate, one of the many types of crates available.Wire dog crates come in a variety of sizes and most offer divider panels. If you’re shopping for a puppy, you can buy a larger crate than he’s needs so he can still use it when he reaches his adult size. Considering a crate can be one of the more expensive items you’ll buy for your dog, this can save you money in the long run.A wire crate is well-suited for dogs with longer coats or if you live in a southern climate. Because the crate is completely open there’s plenty of air movement, which allows your puppy or dog to stay cool.These homes fold up “suitcase style” for easy transport and storage. All panels are connected and set up within seconds! They are preferred by those who take their dogs with them when travelling. Fold and carry crates are wire mesh construction. No tools are required to assemble these crates. They are perfect for the dog owner who wants a dog crate that is portable, but also very tough.A wire crate allows your dog to see what’s going on around him, which can reduce feelings of isolation or separation. This may be a disadvantage depending on your particular dog, as explained below.You should keep your dog’s crate in an area near people traffic so he feels he’s part of the pack. However, if your dog has a tendency to cry or whine while in the crate, a wire crate may be part of the problem. The advantage of allowing your dog to see what’s going on around him may create stress and feelings of separation because he can’t join in the fun. This can lead to whining and barking. A crate cover may help at the expense of reduced air circulation. Also, a chew toy or some treats are useful to keep your puppy or dog occupied while in his crate. A busy dog is a quiet dog.