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Taste of the Wild dog food review has given this brand an . It scored 90/100 points .
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I have recently switched all my dogs to Taste of the Wild. I foster shelter dogs for a local rescue group, and I have found it works well for just about everyone, especially the dogs with mange, skin infections or other health problems (which I seem to get a lot of!) I also own a cocker spaniel, a breed notorious for skin allergies and ear infections, but she is as healthy as a horse and loves her taste of the wild. I switch between the different varieties to mix up their protein source, and have never had a problem with stool firmness. In fact, my cocker girl has had significantly less and firmer stool on the Taste of the wild as compared to her previous food (Purina One lamb and rice). Over all I am personally very pleased with it.
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Most of the reviews about Taste of the Wild are glowing. The few that did not like the food mostly had complaints about their dog switching abruptly from another food. This can, and usually does, cause severe digestive issues, because dogs’ bodies get used to their regular food. This can happen with any food, not just Taste of the Wild. Let’s dive right into my honest Taste of the Wild dog food review to find out!
Photo provided by FlickrFor this Taste of the Wild dog food review we will be looking at the Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon.
Photo provided by FlickrHas anyone tried the Wild Pursuit canned for their dogs? There’s no review on this. I’m looking for a grain free topper for my dogs dry food.
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Mary Straus puts Taste of the Wild on her list of top dry dog foods, but with more reservations than most reviewers. She's concerned that the use of exotic proteins might prove to be a problem in identifying a food allergy should one arise, and she notes that Taste of the Wild was part of the 2012 Diamond Pet Foods recall.

Taste of the wild is a dog food which is available in most areas of the united states now. In this dog food review we will look at what types of protein they offer in their formulas and how they preserve the food. These are two principle areas where dog food can contain ingredients that may cause a food allergy in your dog.Dog Food Reviews editors look at Taste of the Wild High Prairie dog food and apply their conclusions to the rest of the line. It earns 5 stars, with an ingredient list that "goes above and beyond its competitors."I have questioned turkey as an ingredient in dog food and in writing this dog food review I want to say that as most people know there is a debate about using it. However it is a wild protein source if used correctly and one dogs might well eat in the wild. However feeding your dog turkey which is full of salt and preservatives or has bones and fat can be extremely bad. Veterinarians do seem to agree that fat from turkey if fed in quantity can be harmful to dogs. So please pay close attention to what is being said in this review and if you have questions do speak with your own Veterinary about your dog’s diet.

My dogs have had reactions to dog foods in the past. I switched to Diamond Naturals about 2 years ago, problems were resolved. I opened a new bag last week. In a few days both of my dogs have started having skin and eye reactions just like with previous foods. Now that I switched to Taste of the Wild since yesterday, and they seem to be improving. There was definitely an ingredient switch or some kind of error. I liked this dog food, it was a good price for grain-free/low-grain diets. I don't trust to feed this again.I am writing this review because my dog stopped eating her Taste of the Wild dog food and was drinking about 4x the amount of water she usually drinks. I am not sure whether to attribute the slight loss of energy to age or something else. I took her to the vet this week where they did blood work. It came back with slightly elevated liver enzymes. An ultrasound revealed liver necrosis. I am trying not to jump the gun and blame the food but after reading all of this I am highly suspicious that it is the food. I give her Taste of the Wild and switch back and forth from the venison to salmon. The most recent batch I got was the salmon. Another person mentioned they were getting the dog food tested? Any results? I put in an inquiry to TOTW. I am so sorry for anyone out there who has been through this heartache of their loved ones being sick and even passing.