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A locally owned tack/feed store where I buy my horse feed carries Victor dog foods. Victor makes several grain-free varieties. They are family-owned. Out of Texas. Their label is not quite as clean as Orijen or Acana, but it is certainly not bad. Their pricing structure is more affordable for me. I am giving them a try. Transitioning right now. I will say that I did not have any problems with the Acana that I used after switching from Orijen. So far, I have no issues with the Victor, either. Hero is the one I am trying, FWIW. The pet store refunded me the money, but now I'm hesitant to buy anymore Acana.
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We had been feeding Acana Heritage (rotating between the chicken, fish, and beef) for a long time and everything was fine until the formula changed at the Kentucky plant. Now we have had nothing but PROBLEMS. The food is extremely oily as you get near the bottom of the bags…so much that I could not bring myself to feed it to my dogs. One of our dogs had an allergic reaction that caused her belly to turn bright pink along with a rash. Now it has caused loose stools with blood in it. It caused vomiting in my other dog. I wish the formulas would have stayed the same…at least they could have informed the pet boutique where I buy the food and I could have made a decision whether I wanted to continue feeding this formula change to my pups. Not happy with Acana at all! Actually, I have a black labs and a small breed dog, and I buy the CET strips for my dogs at their VET, which is basically rawhide for their teeth. It’s only bad if the dog does not chew it up, rather than gobble it and swallow it in whole pieces. Then, it can become a problem especially depending on the size of the raw hides given. I wouldn’t give my 9 month Labrador a rawhide bone, but I would give her a CET strip that I know she chews up, I also am there to make sure they do not choke on them or try to cheat. So really it is only toxic depending on the owner, the dog, the behavior in which they learned to eat them, and where it is made. I also feed the Acana, and give a whole omega 1000mg from Whole Foods on their food. It was recommended by a Specialist.According to the small shop owner, where I buy both Acana cat food and Orijen dog food, the company decided to open the Kentucky location to keep up with demand and still ensure the integrity of the brand. He said he too had been worried about the change but has been very pleased with the state formulation. I can say my cats have been very happy with the new formula. And after adding a second husky to our family we’re going to have to blend the two brands to manage costs and still keep protein levels high.
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