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absolutely love the owner and staff atWagmore Dogs. They are professional, friendly, and extremely warm andwelcoming to my dog, Bella. Whenever I drop Bella off for the day, shedoesn't even look back for me. She greets everyone and can't wait to goinside to play. She is tired and happy at the end of the day. I alsoboarded her there last summer for a full week and she was well caredfor. The place is very clean and I love the doggy cam. the people whowork in with the dogs are often petting them and playing with them. Kimis a dog lover with a big heart. She owns several of her own rescuedogs. She also hires only dog lovers. It's obvious.

My review is based on the grooming solely. Idropped off my shih tzu poodle mix for a haircut. Her hair had gottensuper matted, I had originally made an appointment across the street andthey had told us that they would have to leave her with no hair. I wasnot ok with that when I went across the street to wag more dogs theytold me they would be able to leave atleast and inch of hair which mademe feel alot better. When I picked up my dog she looked like a newpuppy! She was also so happy I would absolutely bring her back here! Thepeople at the front desk were very helpful and nice.
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I’ve never heard any details about the Wag! interview process and this is quite alarming given they claim their walkers and sitters are certified. You also bring up another important point about the fact that there are no online reviews for Wag! on sites like Yelp. I don’t see how services like this will last in the long run. They don’t offer the personal one on one between the client and the Company that is necessary to make sure a clients pet is being matched with the right dog walker. Wag the Dog | Reelviews Movie Reviews
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Sitting in the theater, waiting for WAG THE DOG to begin, I was struckby the number of politically-themed films are about to be releasedinto theaters. The previews showed numerous films about politics,whether it ranged from John Travolta as the President to a AS GOOD ASIT GETS-Jack Nicholson-type politician. Why is Hollywood suddenly sointerested in politics? Because of the controversy, and the obviousinterest of moviegoers. However, of the two previews I saw, neitherof them looked very interesting. In one, Travolta plays thePresident, with grey hair and all, but he still looks too young forthe role. The other preview showed a rude President who bashes peoplewhenever he feels like it (but not on purpose, of course). Neither ofthese films will be as good or as entertaining as WAG THE DOG.If you are interested in this kind of dog toy, we suggest either waiting until the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is available from a retailer like Walgreens or Amazon where you only have to buy one and they charge less shipping, or doing a with lots of positive reviews.I'm not quite sure how best to go about writing this review. I must admit thatI was a little disappointed by Barry Levinson's political satire "Wag TheDog," but in retrospect, this has less to do with the film itself than withfalse expectations I had going into it. Quite a few of the reviews I have readled me to believe that this film was absolutely hilarious and would make melaugh out loud the whole way through, and it didn't do that. They also led meto believe that it would deliver a vicious and all-too-true attack on the waythe American political media works, and it didn't quite do that either. A fewof them even suggested that it would prove a worthy successor to StanleyKubrick's "Dr. Strangelove" in the tradition of political black comedy, and itmost definitely didn't do that. Wag! is the #1 dog walking app to book a dog walker on-demand, or at your convenience. Experience every step of your dog’s walk through text updates, live GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Wag! dog walkers are thoroughly vetted and tested on dog handling experience. Wag! services are insured and bonded with customer support around the clock. Your pup is sure to love all of the amazing Wag! dog walkers.

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