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Durable stuffies from Fluff and Tuff - These are, by far, my dogs' favourite stuffed toys. After five months of brutal abuse, they are still intact and squeaking. Outstanding.
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Kong is a great company that makes a myriad of tough toys that withstand even the roughest dogs. Their products can even last the life of the dog. They are ultra-strong and durable. Many Kong toys are made (in the USA) so they can be stuffed with treats to keep dogs even busier. This toy is a staple of any dog-owning household. If you don’t have one yet, jump on the bandwagon. Nuts the Squirrel - Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys Store
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I really didn’t want to review dog toys. C’mon, are there not enough squeaky, fluffy toys stacking the shelves of pet stores from coast to coast? But, when Ericka sent me a request to check out toys from Fluff + Tuff, I wasn’t initially impressed. They didn’t look terribly special.Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys, founded in 2010 by Chris and Ellen Lawson, is dedicated to creating the highest quality, durable, plush dog toys on the market and delivering them with great customer service. Our pups here at Peace and Paws love them.Best dog toys EVER. We have a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler
that absolutely obliterate EVERY toy they ever had. We've bought every
'strong and durable' toy on the market we can find, but Fluff and Tuff toys
are the only toys that withstand our dogs for more than a few
days/weeks/sometimes months! Honestly, try these toys, just for your sanity. While they're not indestructible -
I swear these are different. They're worth it! -- Caitlan REvery dog owner wants to buy their pooch a cute stuffed toy, but for some dogs stuffed toys are a bad idea. They simply mean stuffing and bits of material all over the house. This awesome dragon are made with Chew Guard Technology and they have double stitched seams to help them last longer than regular plush toy. They squeak and come in options for large and small dogs, as well as six different colors.Looking into that box of toys, my heart sank: They were beautiful, much too beautiful to toss to the dooming jaws of Ace. Each toy ranged from plush to fuzzy, and all were super soft to the touch. Honestly, they appeared better suited for some lucky child than for my slobbery maniac dog, who, I was sure, would quickly turn this box of soft stuffies into a pile of sticky stuffing.not only makes fantastic dog beds, which we , but they also make some adorable stuffed toys. Their "Under the Sea" line of toys includes a giant clam, starfish, giant squid, sea turtle and crab. Each are made with PlanetFill stuffing, which is created out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and use AZO-free dye for the fabrics. They are completely washer and dryer safe, and in an extra special move, the company is donating 2% of the purchase price to International Fund for Animal Welfare, whose mission is to "reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress."