Triple Wormer - FDA prescribing information, side effects and uses

Products 1 - 60 of 61 - Tri-Wormer capsules for dogs 25 pounds and over
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Sometimes drugs aren't labeled for particular uses because it's more profit for the manufacturer to sell the same drug in a different formulation or package in a different market...the trick is to be careful to educate yourself, check with your vet, and to be very careful about calculating and calibrating dosages (when it's the same medication and you know how to use it.) Not fussing at you, just reassuring you that this particular wormer and the diluted dosage I referred to are used by several vets I know. I also do think this situation is a little different from the indiscriminate or careless wholesale use of I don't know of any relevant legislation or controlling authorities who have a say in how we worm our dogs or our personal chickens.
Products 1 - 61 of 61 - Tri-Wormer capsules for dogs 25 pounds and over
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Each Blue contains 68 mcg ivermectin and 57 mg pyrantel.
Each Green contains 136 mcg ivermectin and 114 mg pyrantel.
Each Brown contains 272 mcg ivermectin and 227 mg pyrantel.

Heartworms can infect your dog without your knowledge. Each bite from an infected mosquito can introduce heartworm larvae into your dog’s bloodstream and re-infect an unprotected dog. Heartgard Plus helps protect your dog against heartworm disease in order to avoid the risk, expense and emotional toll of treatment. All dogs should be tested for heartworm infection before starting a preventative program like Heartgard Plus.

What is Heartgard Plus for Dogs used for?
Heartgard Plus Chewables for Dogs are used to prevent canine heartworm disease and for treatment and control of roundworms and hookworms.



Convenient once-a-month dosage.
Chewables are made with real beef for easy administration.
Protection from heartworm disease, roundworms and hookworms.

How it works:
Heartgard Plus contains ivermectin, a broad-spectrum antiparasitic used to prevent heartworms, and pyrantel pamoate, an anthelminthic used to prevent roundworms and hookworms.

What you should know:
Heartgard Plus for Dogs is for dogs 6 weeks of age and older. Your dog should be tested for heartworm infections prior to use.

How to give this medication:
Heartgard Plus should be chewed, not swallowed whole. It may be broken into pieces to dogs that normally swallow treats whole. Give this medication exactly as directed by your veterinarian. If you do not understand the directions, ask the veterinarian or pharmacist to explain them to you.

If you miss a dose:
If you miss a dose, give it as soon as you remember. Do not double dose. If you miss more than two doses, consult your veterinarian.

Heartgard Plus for Dogs should not be used in:
Heartgard Plus for Dogs is not recommended for dogs that are under 6 weeks of age.

Possible side effects:
Some patients may exhibit reactions, including salivation, decreased appetite, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. If you observe any of these side effects, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Brand Name:
Heartgard Plus for Dogs


Medication Name:
ivermectin and pyrantel

Is a generic equivalent available?
Brand name equivalent is Tri-Heart Plus (546RX).

May be stored at room temperature. Triworm-D-De-wormer-for-Dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrJun 29, 2016 - Once the puppy reaches maturity a tri-monthly all-wormer should be regularly administered for the rest of the dog's life
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Triple Wormer® is for the treatment and control of roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Ancylostoma braziliense, Uncinaria stenocephala) and tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum, Taenia pisiformis) in dogs and puppies. Trifexis is a chewable, beef flavored tablet that is made out of pork liver and hydrolyzed soy and given to your dog once month to prevent heartworm, to prevent and treat flea infestations, and to treat and control adult hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm infections. Trifexis chewable tablets are for monthly use in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age and older and 5 lbs of body weight or more. Trifexis is a prescription medication FDA approved for use in dogs 8 weeks of age or older and 5 lbs of body weight or more. Trifexis contains spinosad and milbemycin oxime and is indicated for the prevention of heartworm disease. Trifexis kills fleas and is indicated for the prevention and treatment of flea infestations, and the treatment and control of adult hookworm, adult roundworm, and adult whipworm infections. Trifexis is available in a pink box for dogs 5 to 10 lbs (140mg/2.3mg)), Orange box for dogs 10.1 to 20 lbs (270mg/4.5mg), Green box for dogs 20.1 to 40 lbs (560mg/9.3mg), Blue box for dogs 40.1 to 60 lbs (810mg/13.5mg), and Brown box for dogs 60.1 to 120 lbs (1620mg/27mg). For dogs over 120 lbs give the appropriate combination of tablets. ● Durvet Triple Wormer® Flavored Chewables are safe for use in puppies 12 weeks or older and adult dogs. Safety in breeding dogs and pregnant bitches has not been tested.