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Teach your dog to be a well-behaved companion with  from Top Dog Obedience Training.
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Top Dog Training & Resort agrees to exercise due and reasonable care, and to keep the kennel premises sanitary and properly enclosed. The pet(s) is (are) to be fed properly and regularly, and to be housed in clean, safe quarters, for this visit and ALL future visits.
To help you guide your dog toward proper behavior, here are the top ten best dog training collars.
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Help your dog move to the head of the pack by learning what’s expected of his behavior in a human/k9 community. Top Dog’s Doggy Day School is EXCLUSIVE because we provide a fun filled day packed with training games, fine tuning manners, hunting and searching games, climbing equipment, play time with their k9 friends, and lots of activities to mentally/physically challenge your fur kid. We combine exercise, play, and training games that provide mental and physical stimulation to help relieve anxiety, destructive or out-of-control behavior, and help create a balanced relationship within the family. Day school gives you the peace of mind knowing your fur kid is being taken care of in a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment. North Carolina’s Top Dog Trainer and KennelNow with TWO Locations to Serve You
Photo provided by FlickrThis is a contract between Top Dog Training & Resort and the Pet Owner.
Photo provided by FlickrTo help you guide your dog toward proper behavior, here are the top ten best dog training collars.
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There are many different reasons to use a service dog. Service dogs are not the same as medical response dogs, or guide-dogs. Service dogs can be any breed, and they do not necessarily need to be pedigreed. They just need to meet certain criteria. First, they need to have the right temperament. Stubborn or aggressive dogs are not suitable. Likewise, dogs that are constantly fighting for dominance and don’t know their place, they are also not suitable. Second, the dog needs to be healthy. A service dog cannot be at risk for certain canine diseases or illnesses, and they should not suffer from canine diseases or illnesses. A service dog must be able to perform their jobs without any sudden stopping due to prior issues. Finally, they need to have good conformation. If the candidate for service dog meets all these criteria, then you have a suitable candidate for training.Colorado Top Dog offers a successful training program which includes training for the dog AND the owner. Helping you create a strong bond with your dog is our goal. Because each dog and family is different, Colorado Top Dog offers a tailored service utilizing balanced training techniques. Tailoring our training is important; we prefer to start with a consultation ($125 in most areas). In the consultation we will learn about your lifestyle, your dog(s) and get a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished to reach your training goals. Once the consultation is complete, we can begin to customize the training process. Learning from our training program will not only improve the relationship with your pet, but also helps you communicate to your dog effectively as you grow together.Enhance your relationship with your dog through obedience classes at Top Dog Obedience Training in Garland, Texas. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand the human/canine relationship through classes that offer clear, thorough instruction for each exercise. The price for each four-week course is $105.Find the dog training help you seek with classes from Top Dog Obedience Training in . Our company offers all levels of obedience training and sports. In addition, we offer Canine EnterTRAINment for parties and special events. TopDogPam offers training seminars worldwide in several dog sports.