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Programmable time released pet feeder, timed pet feeder, automatic pet feeder systems, electronic pet feeder, automatic dog food dispenser, control when and how much your pet eats! Whether you're going to be away from home or are a sucker when your plump pet wants more, this automatic feeder, electronic cat feeder, Pot Bellied Pig Feeders, with chew proof cord will promote better pet health and keep food clean and fresh.
Timed Dog Food Dispenser
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The Smartfeeder timed dog food dispenser can also be programmed for scheduled feedings, and it releases portions based on your dog's weight, age, and how active he is. The hopper can accommodate up to 7 lbs. of dry dog food. When you're running low on supply, it can automatically have a new batch delivered. Timed Dog Food Dispenser
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This is where modern inventions really come to the rescue. Tools like doggy doors, indoor pee-pee patches and litter boxes deal with the pet-waste, and now there are also timed food-dispensers that make sure your pets gets their dinner right when they need it. Here is how these little lifesavers work, and why they are a fantastic way for pet parents to feed their animals on the go.