Seuss Thing 1 & Thing 2 Dog Toy

Seuss Cat in the Hat Head Wear for Dogs.
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It's important to choose the right size clothes for your Chihuahua. While holding the title of the world's smallest dog, Chihuahuas vary in size. , for instance, often weigh just 1 to 2 pounds, while larger Chihuahuas weight 6 or more pounds. There's no such thing as thing as one-size-fits-all dog clothes, so consider your Chihuahuas size -- weight, length and height -- when shopping for new clothes. Whether it's a shirt, sweater or any other article of clothing, it should list the size range for which it was designed.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dog or Cat Shirts. These doggie shirts are a great way to dress up your pet. Manufactures sizes run small for larger chested dogs.
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Is your dog mischevious and sometimes up to no good? Does this remind you of some of your favortie Dr Seuss storybook characters? Dress your pet up with a Thing 1 shirt today. And if he or she has a partner in crime, make sure you dont forget to dress them up as Thing 2. Its dog apparel with attitude! Our embroidered Thing 2 dog shirt is made of a soft 100% cotton fabric. Excellent gift for dogs and dog lovers.
Photo provided by FlickrMatching shirts for Thing 1 and Thing 2. Get a baby shirt with a
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