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Large breed dog collars and small breed dog collars are not a problem since all our plain handmade leather dog collars are individually crafted to the neck size you provide. For larger dog breeds that require stronger collars such as rottweilers, doberman, pit pulls, mastiffs and german shepherds, we recommend the double thick wide rugged leather dog collars and tough leather dog collars. These stronger dog collars have a combined leather thickness of 1/4 inch.
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This Imprinted Tough Dog Collar is designed for strength. Two pieces of thick leather sewn together with harness thread makes the dog collar an excellent choice for large dog breeds such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, Mastiffs and German Shepherds. Personalize your dog collar by imprinting your dog's name in a variety of letter color choices. The imprinted name is stamped deep to last. Double thick personalized rugged leather dog collar sewn with harness thread. #PersonalizedDogCollars #RuggedLeatherDogCollars
Photo provided by FlickrI hand make my heavy tooled leather dog collars to order Western turquoise wash, for a real timeless chic feel Thick, American Saddle Leather,
Photo provided by FlickrThis dog collar combines chic and unsurpassed comfort, thick durable leather on the outside and soft delicate Nappa inside.
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Kash wears a personalized leather dog collar. Double thick leather collar sewn with harness thread. #DoubleThickDogCollar #PersonalizedDogCollar #ImprintedNameDogCollar #LeatherDogCollar #Leather #DogCollarThe collars are made of . is the mostcomfortable material for humans and dogs. High quality thickleather will also be fashionable and beautiful and will servefor a long time. However, like all other leather things suchcollar requires accurate usage and special maintenance.(walking, ). Such collars are made ofleather, synthetic materials or their combination. Thesecollars usually have special interior padding (thick felt,fleece, thin leather with soft filler) to provide your dogwith additional comfort. Gorgeous leather dog collar for a real patriot! This item features beautiful vivid pattern of British flag on a single ply thick leather strap. The image is hand applied by professional artists with special non-toxic paints. The collar also comes with durable metal hardware: D-ring for attaching identification tags and a leash, belt-style buckle and strap... This heavy-duty handcrafted leather dog collar offers utmost control over your doggie. It is wide and thick and features convenient rounded handle that provides comfy and confident grip. Brass hardware gives stylish accents and utmost reliability. It is corrosion-free and has shiny goldish color. “Easy Control” proves that dog collars can also be... Y'all. I own two collars and now two leashes...and I own zero dogs. That should tell you all you need to know about whether or not to buy one of these.

Okay, so to rationalize it a bit...my folks have an incredible little Boston Terrier that I bought one collar(and now 8mo later) a leash for. Have not had a chance to use it, but I see it being perfectly functional if not almost too stiff.

I would say these leashes will be a best fit for a dog larger than 30lbs. Otherwise the leash is too inflexible and heavy. but let me tell y'all, this is the THICKEST leather SBL has ever put into one of their products. I own one of the old bull belts, probably 2 years old now, and this leather is easily a mil or two thicker!

Overall, buy it. Get the thicker band(1.75") and thank me, and SBL, later.