Deluxe Steel Dog Crate with Bolster Pad - Small/Sage

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The Small Deluxe Steel Dog Crate With Bolster Pad is constructed with steel and made with round edges and an insulated base to help eliminate damage to your home or car.
ecoFLEX Dog Crate/ End Table with Stainless Steel Spindles
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Designed for both in-home use and for pets on the go, this kennel offers the features seen in the best large dog crates: a folding design that collapses to just 4” tall, and that pops up into a full-sized, all-steel, high-tensile strength metal dog crate. Multiple doors stay secure with slide-bold latches, and a durable coating renders the kennel corrosion-, rust-, and fade-resistant, even in tough climates. The Small Deluxe Steel Dog Crate With Pad is easy to use and constructed of steel with a plastic shell.
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Photo provided by FlickrHeavy Duty Indestructible Escape-Proof Steel Dog Crate European Style – Heavy Duty Pet Crates #dogcrate #indestructible #unescapable
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Experience the true definition of "real" indestructible heavy duty steel dog crates when you own one of our escape proof welded steel wire mesh crates. A 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all these steel crates is a statement that says "this crate is strong enough to hold any dog you are strong enough to put into it." The crates use 6 gauge welded steel wire mesh to create the strongest dog crate we know of. Protect your separation anxiety dog while you're away from home. When you see your new indestructible steel dog crate you will know 2 things: first that your dog will be in his or her crate when you return home and second: that this will be the last crate you will ever need to buy. It is absolutely that strong. Note:  3 year warranty applies to welded steel wire dog crates only. As for the construction of the crate, look for firmly welded bars and connections. Soft welds on bars can be pulled apart and break a dog’s teeth or injure the soft tissue in her mouth. Reinforced steel wire or steel tubes should be used on the crate. These materials will be strong enough to withstand the psi (pounds per square inch) of a dog’s mouth. You’ll want your crate to be constructed with steel screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, and locks. The stronger the material of the crate and its parts, the more indestructible it will beAs you begin researching your crate purchase, be sure to keep in mind a few things to get the right crate for your needs. If you plan to travel by air with your medium or large dog, she will fly in the cargo area of the plane. The crate you choose will need to be airline approved. Most steel and aluminum dog crates are. If you are buying a crate to use inside your vehicle, a collapsible model is a great option. It can be stowed easily and takes up much less room. You also want to be aware of the size of crate you need. You need to choose a crate in which your dog can only stand up, turn around, and sit down in comfortably. Any extra room is not recommended, especially if you are using the crate for potty training. Dogs can easily use the extra space in a large crate for soiling, defeating your training regimen. Another point is you will want your crate to have smooth surfaces inside easy for cleaning.Heavy duty steel tubing and skilled craftsmanship make the Merax crate super strong and secure for your dog. It’s made with two doors, one on the front and the other on top, making it easy to access your pet. The front door is equipped with double stainless steel latches to keep your strong puppy inside. The steel grate on the floor of the kennel and the tray beneath the floor grate slide out for easy cleaning. However, the floor grate comes with a hasp lock to prevent it from sliding out while the dog is in the crate.