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Great product! Definitely recommend for those dogs that like to really chew on their squeak toys.
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One suggests that since our pups are (possibly) ancestors of wolves, the noise their toys give off causes their natural prey drive to emerge. The squeaks and sounds coming from toys often mimic the sounds of scared or injured prey animals, and it’s in your dog’s basic instincts to react to these sounds.
Jeffers® Plush Squeaky Dog Toys are adorable plush dog toys with squeakers your pet will love to cuddle.
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Pups that always have to have the last squeak can satisfy their urge with Squeaker Matz. They've got rows and rows of squeakers, and dogs love shaking these flappy toys back and forth to satisfy their hunting instinct. Squeaker Matz Minis are the perfect fit for tiny jaws, and the Long Body size can spark an impromptu game of tug-of-war with you or a pack buddy. The Ginormous Gator has 32 squeakers for squeaker-happy pups that can't get enough. Most tough dog toys designed for strong chewers normally don’t have squeakers. So unless I could put food inside he soon lost interest.
Photo provided by Flickrare awesomely fun dog squeaky toys that are squeakable, tuggable, durable, colorful, whimsical, fetchable and floatable!
Photo provided by PexelsTrue! Im one of those who hate the sound of squeaky toys. I got my dog toys from  and I refrain from buying squeaky toys 😀
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Any pet lover knows that dogs love the feel and of “squeaky” toys, but enduring the high-pitched repetition in the wee hours of the night can drive any pet-parent crazy! Ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY!® toys are made with a squeaker ONLY your dog can hear!What's the top reason manufacturers of doggie toys design them to squeak, peep, cheep, squeal and whine? Dogs love them. As you watch your dog grab his favorite squeaky toy, shake it with all his force, and then toss it in the air, you may think he has gone bonkers. Dogs who get hyper with squeaky toys are acting out their ancestral hunting instincts.These can be considered “comfort toys that can also be interactive,” writes Lesnack. Maybe most importantly, “They are absolutely not for chewers.” If you have a dog that is not much of a chewer, then make sure to follow these parameters: know what material is inside the toy. The stuffed animal should be filled with fiber or fabric. No beans or pellets. Make sure there are no buttons or zippers on the outside of the toy. If there are, remove them and sew up the resulting hole(s). If there is a squeaker inside, you may want to remove that as well.Not all dogs respond to squeaks in the same way. Squeaks are particularly appealing to dogs descended from ancestors who were selected to hunt vermin. Terriers, for instance, are attracted to toys that resemble mice and squeak, because terriers were selectively bred to hunt and kill mice and other small prey. Retrievers may be attracted to plush toy ducks that make quacking noises. While all dogs have some level of prey drive, not all dogs will get hyper upon hearing a squeaking sound.By nature, squeaky toys trigger hyperactivity. Lesnack recommends that squeaky toys be used for specific events such as photographs, stimulation for young pups or deafness testing. Most dogs become destructive toward the squeaker and some dogs, like Henry, destroy the toy within seconds in order to “kill” the squeaker. Allowing a dog to do this teaches them that it is okay to destroy whatever is making the squeaky noise; this can lead to aggression toward small animals or children. If your dog is not destructive, however, Lesnack adds, “The sanity of the owner should be considered. Anyone who has been in a room with a dog that is incessantly chewing a squeaky toy understands.”Dogs usually respond well to vibrant colors and high-pitched squeaky sounds. These qualities usually grab a dog’s attention and keep it. In addition, squeaky toys can also be used as effective training tools because they have a high desire factor that your dog loves.