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Bitter apple spray works to stop a dog’s chewing and other bad habits.
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With my sanity wearing thin, I went to our retail store and asked which product I should try to cease the chewing. I was lead to an isle where a small 8-ounce spray bottle sat before me, ready to bring back my sanity. Chew Stop is a bitter tasting deterrent that can be sprayed onto various items. It can even be used on your pet’s coat if they are chewing from hot spots, allergies, or boredom. The spray should be tested on various areas to be sure that it won’t ruin a surface, as items that are dyed or porous may become discolored. I used the spray on our wood bed frame at home, on our walls (lightly and cautiously as it is a porous surface), on the soles of shoes that were repeatedly abused by chewing, and so many other things. Guess what happened – the chewing stopped. I couldn’t believe it! I used the spray for a couple weeks on the notorious chew zones, just to be safe that the dogs would stay away. After some time, the chewing phase passed and I stopped using the spray.
If you have adopted an already grown dog, this spray will also work to stop older dogs from chewing
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6. Spray
Going along with tip #4, a bitter spray can go a long way with training. , a product sold at many stores, can be spayed on whatever it is you want your dog to stop chewing, such as walls, furniture, clothes, and shoes. Simply point and spray, and repeat until your dog’s behaviors has changed. Aug 22, 2008 - Bitter apple spray works to stop a dog's chewing and other bad habits
Photo provided by FlickrJan 24, 2013 - A sharp spray of water in the dog's face should stop jumping/chewing/nipping/barking pretty efficiently, right
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Getting dogs to stop chewing on furniture can be done by providing lots of chew toys, using positive reinforcement when they chew on appropriate things and spraying a bitter product on the furniture they like to chew. Train a dog to only chew on designated toys with helpful information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Expert: James Talbott
Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBargeNot all dogs are tolerant of an Elizabethan Collar and some manage to find a way to get it off. If you need to leave your dog home alone and you really need to stop your dog from pestering the wound, you can invest in a bottle of Bitter Yuk. Please note; this is not your average bottle of bitter apple spray which contains alcohol and may cause stinging. This is a water-based product that will repel your dog from licking/chewing his wounds. The product is non-sticky and clear and very effective. This is what I have been using on my dog Kaiser which every summer gets an annoying hot spot which lasts longer than it' supposed to because the moment I leave (as soon as he hears the engine), he starts chewing on it- I know because I recorded his behavior-.