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Southwest Airlines welcomes small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an ..
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The rules are pretty standard compared to other airlines — one carrier per person that counts as the carry-on — but there's no mention of the standard 20-pound weight limit ("The dog or cat must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier with ease.") and each carrier can hold of the same species of small cats or dogs. So tiny pup owners wouldn't need to grab a pal to carry both dogs on board under the plan. Would this decision now make you choose Southwest over another airline?
Southwest Airlines will only accept small cats and dogs in carriers that can be stowed under the Customer's seat.
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Southwest airlines is my airline of choice as I have never had an issue with them. Understand two things a service dog is not protected under ada or aca unless performing as a service dog with its handler. Second Southwest site specifically says it does not fly in training dogs. That is at their discretion. He was not a service dog until with his handler. It is your responsibility as a handler/trainer to know the guidelines. I fly frequently and I always call to speak with customer service to ensure no problems. They have been more than accommodating. In one instance my husband needed to return from Baltimore with my dog as we had kids to care for and I was hospitalized and would be for a week. The dog could not stay. We contacted southwest, they notated it in their system and he flew home and back to Baltimore to get me with no problem. Complain all you want but part of having a service dog is forethought and planning. Good communication prevents 98% of problems. I think his handling of the situation was wrong but he was within legal bounds like it or not. Aug 3, 2014 - Southwest Airlines: $95; dogs not allowed in cargo hold
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It was just a matter of time before Southwest Airlines, which started accepting pets as passengers , got into a dog-fight with a customer. Actually, this one’s more of a cat fight.Our policy, as stated on our website, says that Southwest Airlines accepts small domestic cats and dogs, which must be carried in an appropriate carrier. Furthermore, the cat or dog must be completely inside the pet carrier and be able to stand up and move around with ease.We need your help! Southwest Airlines made us leave our sweet 15-pound rescue puppy in Little Rock, after they let us fly there. We met all the specifications to get the dog on board, and the main reason he did not get on the plane was because Southwest Airlines hired employees who are supposed to be in charge of checking the dogs, but hate dogs/are deathly afraid of them, and do not know how to follow their own rules.Southwest Airlines allows in the passenger cabin small domestic cats and dogs that must be carried in an appropriate pet carrier. All pets accepted on Southwest Airlines flights must be at least 8 weeks old, harmless, not disruptive, and odorless. Your pet must not require any attention during flight and remain in the carrier at all times (including head and tail) while in the gate area, during boarding/deplaning, and while onboard the aircraft. Pets traveling in cabin/carry-on must be transported in soft-sided or hard-sided pet travel carriers that are leak proof and ventilated on at least two sides. The carrier must be large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. The pet carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. The under-seat dimensions are as follows: window seat - 19" L x 14" W x 8.25" H; middle seat - 19" L x 19" W x 8.25" H; aisle seat - 19" L x 14" W x 8.25" H. Southwest Airlines allows only one pet carrier per ticketed Passenger. The carrier may contain two (2) cats or dogs and must be of the same species per carrier. Pets must be secured in the pet carrier at all times while in the gate area, during boarding/deplaning, and they must remain in the carrier for the entire duration of the flight. Failure to follow this requirement may result in denial of transportation of the pet onboard Southwest Airlines.

If you cannot arrange for your pet's drop off and pick up, you will need to use the resources of a pet transportation company (pet transporter). These companies can make all of the arrangements, or just the portion that you cannot handle on your own. Of course, there is a fee for their services. Assuming that you have made arrangements for your pet's drop off and pick up, in almost all instances, you will need to move your pet using an airline, and your pet will be sent as air cargo. Virtually all airlines accept pets in cargo except for Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and the smaller commuter airlines that do not have facilities for them. to check rules and regulations for traveling with a pet on the airline you are considering. Today's modern airliners have special compartments for live animals where the temperature and pressure is the same as in the cabin. Most airlines even have special programs to take care of your pet and some even offer frequent flyer miles. Hundreds of pets travel alone every day and arrive safely at their destination. Steps to follow: Have your veterinarian prepare the APHIS form 7001 stating that your pet is healthy enough to travel and is free of parasites. You can also get a in our Acquire an IATA compliant large enough for your pet to stand up in and turn around. If possible, purchase the kennel well in advance of the trip to allow your pet a chance to get used to the kennel before the travel date. Information about . Contact the Air Cargo department (not Reservation Department) of the airline you have chosen, and make a reservation for your pet's travel. You will be charged based upon the combined weight of the pet and the kennel. Be aware of the summer embargo that prohibits the airlines from loading a pet into the cargo area if the runway temperature is above 85 degrees F. If you are traveling in summertime, you should find a flight that leaves at night. Also, airlines will most likely not transport pets when the temperature falls below 45 degrees F. Some airlines require an . It is always best to fly your pet during Spring and Fall when temperatures are not extreme. Be sure and attach your pet's identification documents some of their dry food to the crate if your pet will be in the crate for a long trip. Do not panic if circumstances are such that you will not be able to travel with your dog or cat. Just be sensible at handling their travel arrangements as you would with any member of your family. If you need the assistance of a pet transporter, would be happy to help. We will quote your pet's transport at no cost to you. We have current and accurate information on traveling with your pet by air, sea or ground. Find more If you have questions, you can post them directly to our , , . We will answer them as soon as we can.