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An ideal senior dog food is soft, making it easier for our older canines to chew
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what would be the best dog food for my small shizu. I keep her on an all natural diet and I use the simply nourish brand. she doesn’t seem to like the bits though, unless I wet them and make them softer for her. I try to avoid the wet food, but I think her teeth are sensative or she just doesn’t like the bits. her gums aren’t a swollen, her teeth are in good condition and they aren’t dirty. I believe that she just prefers softer pebbles so I was wondering if there are any dog food brands that are natural and maybe the dog food pieces are more soft? or should I just give her wet food.
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As your dog ages, his dietary needs change and so can his tastes. Some dogs become slightly picky or there's-no-way-I'm-eating-dry-food-again picky. Your furry friend might have trouble chewing or swallowing hard food, and in such a case soft food becomes a must. Treat your senior dog to soft food to aid his digestion, make the food tastier and make it easier to eat. This is especially important with senior dogs who have lost their appetites. Giving them the tastier and more odoriforous canned food mixed with kibble encourages them to eat more of the dry food, which they might turn their noses up at otherwise. The key is to first find an all natural quality dog food soft enough for your dog that will provide the nutrition his senior body needs
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There are rough-guidelines for when a dog becomes a senior and should switch to a senior dog food, and these are important for making sure the needs of high protein, soft food, and high nutrient values are met. For larger breeds, the time to switch to senior dog food is around 7 to 8 years, and the age for smaller dogs is closer to 11 years. The portions, however, should only really change as your dog’s activity changes.…natural adult dog food provides natural fiber for healthy digestion and essential antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, for a healthy immune system, plus vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These recipes are also crafted to promote healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat. NUTRO Food for Dogs also follows…Dr. Justin Shmalberg discusses the benefits of a fresh dog food diet for older dogs.

Our NomNomNow recipes are formulated for all life stages, meaning they are approved as a senior dog food. Our philosophy isn't just about being good enough for senior dogs, though. We have worked hard to make sure every NomNomNow meal is ideal as a senior dog food.

How have we done this? Our board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg formulated these recipes to consider the unique needs of a senior dog, such as the amount of protein, critical nutrients, and consistency of each meal.

Substantial protein content

Just like senior humans, senior dogs can start to lose muscle mass as they age. For a long-time, there was a misconception that greater amounts of protein in a senior dog food would lead to kidney disease, so senior dog food was made with lower protein. In reality, higher levels of phosphorus are what can lead to kidney disease, and high protein diets are essential for senior dogs, because they need amino acids to counteract the loss of muscle mass. A senior dog food with plenty of protein is efficient in maintaining strength, and mobility, which is why our NomNomNow is ideal for both adult and senior dogs.

Higher digestability

Another side effect of aging is that dogs may have inconsistent appetites, or difficulty with digestion. Fresh foods are easier for the body to break down and pull nutrients from than a highly processed kibble, uncooked diet, or anything with artificial ingredients. The high palatability of a fresh diet also keeps senior dogs interested in their food as appetites fluctuate.

Soft textures

Older dogs may have teeth that aren't what they used to be, whether it's those requiring care, or the loss of teeth over time. An ideal senior dog food is soft, making it easier for our older canines to chew. With our well-chopped ingredients that are soft and fresh, NomNomNow food is easier for all dogs to eat, especially seniors.

Critical nutrients that seniors deserve

We always say we try to create a food that isn't just suitable, but actually ideal, and our added nutrients are a great example. DHA is one such ingredient, not found in many dog foods. It can be found in fish oil, included in all of our meat-based recipes, and helps with cognitive function as dogs age. Plus, the use of anti-inflammatories (such as fish oil or coconut oil) reduces inflammation that causes pain and inhibits mobility.

The reason we have as many vitamins in our senior dog food as in our puppy dog food is because seniors sometime don't absorb nutrients as well as a younger dog. Rather than assume they'll be deficient, we serve them enough vitamins (without going overboard) to make sure they will be able to get enough they can use.…Chunks in Gravy dog food is perfect for your adult dogs over 5 years of age. It contains a combination of fish oil, sunflower oil and flaxseed, which are rich in essential fatty acids for a healthy skin and a shiny, soft coat - one of the best indicators of your dog's vitality. Three animal…