PetSafe small dog remote trainer in Madison, WI

Petsafe PDT00-13410 (Replaces PDLDT-305) Little Dog Remote Trainer for Small to Medium Dogs
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The Best Price on Shock Collars for Small Dogs
When it comes to shopping online many people search for the lowest possible price. This can be a good shopping strategy, depending on product features vs. what a person needs. However, in the case of small dog shock collar systems, it is not a strategy that will likely provide a satisfactory product. The cheapest small dog shock collar system we carry is one of the called the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer but we don't recommend it.
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The waterfowler hunts in unique settings and needs top performance from his most important asset: his retriever. SportDOG® created a series of remote trainers specifically to meet those demands. The WetlandHunter is designed for the waterfowl-hunting environment with close working dogs. The small size of the Transmitter and Receiver makes it perfect for situations where space is at a premium and/or for hunting with smaller dogs. The Transmitter and Collar Receiver are guaranteed waterproof and submersible, and they look outstanding – without standing out – because they're finished in Realtree Max-5® Camo, a waterfowling favorite. You can stay hidden. You can get wet. You can work your dog. You can bag birds. What else is there? Dog Training Collar - AT-211D Remote Small Dog Trainer - Global Soar
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Photo provided by FlickrUse the PetSafe Elite Remote Little Dog Trainer to give your small dog impeccable manners. Or, keep him under control off leash when you're out and about.
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Teach your little furry friend how to obey your commands off-leash with the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer. This safe and effective electronic training collar system is specifically designed for small dogs between 8 and 40 lb. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer system features a small dog training collar and a handheld transmitter. With the key to positive behavior in the palm of your hand, you can teach your petite pooch obedience basics like "sit" and "stay" or work to deter unwanted behaviors - all without a leash! The electronic training collar can receive correction signals from up to 400 yards away - ideal for training in your backyard or out at parks so you can practice giving commands over a greater distance. The PetSafe small dog training collar can deliver a tone-only signal for getting your dog's attention as well as 15 different levels of safe static correction. The variety of levels gives you the opportunity to find the setting that is just right for delivering correction to your dog. As your pet learns to obey your commands off-leash, you can both enjoy more freedom both at home and out and about. The effective PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer is completely safe for your little furry friend. When used properly, the electronic training collar and transmitter system can add greater flexibility to your dog's training regimen. This small dog training collar is intended to enhance the training that you are already providing to your pet. Be sure to consult a dog training specialist with any questions regarding remote correction training. The Educator E-collaris a versatile dog training collar that can be utilized for very small dogs and large dogs as well. The Educator Mini is usually by far the most famous collar and the smallest in the marketplace. This device comes with a remote control trainer packed with exclusive features which make it one of the most humane and effective dog training collars obtainable.The Petsafe Rechargeable Dog Training Collar does exactly what it should do. It provides the added sense of control over a dog when it is off the leash. We found the remote control very easy to use and it fits quite comfortably in the hand. The collar is made out of plastic which will be durable, but it does feel a little bit stiff. There is also a “praise” tone which is designed to be used to reinforce good behaviour, but it is not too dissimilar to the warning tone, so this may not be very effective. Our only real criticism of this PetSafe Electric Training Collar, though, is that it is quite heavy, so it may not suit a very small dog.The 's effective range is limited to approximately 1000 feet, which makes it ideal for training inside pets or use as a leash-less walking system. The limited distance could be problematic for trainers of outdoor working or hunting dogs. We urge users to disable other invisible fence systems during training, since the dogs could receive conflicting signals and become confused or agitated. A range of 1000 feet does make the Epica dog training system suitable for use in backyards and pet parks. Many satisfied owners report good training results with the vibratory setting alone, with only an occasional shock for extreme or repetitive behavior. The receivers can be removed from the original collar for use on smaller or larger pets. Because of the unit's stronger shock settings, use on smaller dogs (under 15 pounds) is not recommended.