This wooden dog crate end table is BEAUTIFUL.

Pet Crate End Table Small Dog House Indoor Furniture Shelter Cage Cat Bed Wood
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The top half of this end table’s walls are slotted, allowing plenty of air and light in. Because of the openings, you’ll never need to worry about your dog overheating. This is a suitable dog house for small breeds because of the opening matches up well with their eye level. Dogs like to be able to look around and keep watch of their homes even when they are in their crates. It is not a typical design for a doghouse, so it creates a unique look for an end table.
This is a nice looking end table crate suitable for a small to medium well crate trained dog.
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Another nice feature is that this end table crate includes a single latch for small and medium sized crates, and two latches for large and extra-large sized crates. While a determined dog can probably still escape, the double latch may provide a bit more security for larger canines. There are only a few reviews for this Small Wooden End Table Dog Crate, but they are exceptional.
Photo provided by FlickrPet Crate End Table Small Dog House Indoor Furniture Shelter Cage Cat Bed Wood
Photo provided by FlickrIf you love a great deal, then you'll love the price on this small furhaven dog crate end table furniture - espresso, brown!
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CONS: Some owners felt misled by the color of this crate, as the espresso color is quite dark. Some owners also report even small dogs managing to easily break out of the end table crate. This dog kennel definitely is not chew proof – a few dogs managed to make quick work of the door, chewing it apart.One of the most notable features is how well this small dog house functions as a table. It looks the part, and you’d be hard-pressed to know it was a crate if you weren’t told beforehand. It has has a smooth, high quality feel to it, being made of solid wood. This end table will fit right in with other high-end decors.
Brookstone is a company that is famous for selling a wide variety of luxury goods. Now they bring to you a dog crate end table. This end table is made out of solid wood and comes in two different sizes, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. The bottom half of the sides is comprise of a wooden board while the top half is wooden slats to provide your dog the ability to see outside of the crate. The small crate costs $99.99 while the large one comes in at $148.99. The color of both sizes of crates is a light brown.I order two different sizes of these crates for my living room. The smaller one is now my end table and the larger one is for my show dog so if he rubs against the sides he does break his coat . Both doors had a crack in them , but customer service was Great in getting me replacements. Doors only open in one direction. I guess people who design them haven't had to use them .This wooden dog crate end table is BEAUTIFUL. There is only one thing .....dont put a medium size dog in it! It is a nice size BUT not strong enough for a medium size dog! A smaller dog like a mini dachshund ..But make sure the mini dachshund is passed the teething stage ! As all dachshunds owners know dachshunds like to destroy everything ! The end table is a nice addition to any room .A little on the delicate side .But if bought on sale the end table crate is well worth it !