We think every dog should be fed out of a slow feeding bowl.

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Because slow feed dog bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, it may take some experimentation for you to find the one that is best for your dog. The right fit for your dog will depend on his size, his eating style, and even the length of his ears – there are many factors to consider. Keep all of these things in mind as you start shopping for a slow feed dog bowl. To help you get started in looking for slow feed dog bowls you will find reviews for some of the top-rated models for small, medium, large, and giant breeds below.
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Many dogs eat too rapidly, which can cause bloat, discomfort and other digestive issues. Our idea is the Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl. Its unique design with large interior indentations work to slow eating, while a thermoplastic rubber base keeps the bowl from moving around. In-depth slow feed dog bowl analysis, including:
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Photo provided by FlickrSimply put, a slow feed bowl is a dog food bowl that looks a lot like a maze or a puzzle.
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Option 1: Slow Feed Dog Bowls.
A is a special dog bowl which is specifically designed to slow a dog's eating down. It has one or more domes or raised partitions that serve as an obstruction. The idea is that the obstruction causes a dog to slow down because he has to maneuver around the raised portions of the bowl to get to his food.We haven’t tried all of the slow feeder dog bowls on the market (yet), but we have tried quite a few. In fact, when we first started looking for a solution to Stetson’s fast eating over 5 years ago we were only able to find 1 dog bowl designed for fast eating dogs.Option 3: Smaller Meals.
Feed two or three small meals per day instead of one large meal. This is one of the recommended preventative measures for dogs that are prone to bloat. If you feel that your dog still eats his smaller meals too fast, then combine this with another option such as a slow feed bowl.Stetson was our first guide dog puppy in training and he gulped his food, then often times threw up a few seconds/minutes later. So thus started our search for the best slow feed dog bowl.Option 4: Create Your Own Slow Feed Bowl.
Place a tennis ball, softball, or baseball into a regular dog bowl to serve as an obstruction. Your dog will be forced to eat around the ball. Of course, make sure that the ball is big enough to avoid accidental swallowing. This option does not always work because some dogs will just remove the ball from the bowl and then eat.Do you have a slow feeder dog bowl that works well for your dog? If so, please tell us about it in the comment section below. In the coming days we will review the KONG Wobbler, another dog toy that can help with fast eating dogs. So don’t forget to follow us:Despite an increased awareness of the causes, bloat is still a relatively common occurrence. And, even with treatment, 25% – 40% of dogs do not survive GDV. That’s why any pet parent’s best bet is to nip bloat in the bud. And that’s where our new Slo-Bowl® Slow Feed Dog Bowls come in.These are great options Colby, thank you once again! We’ll definitely have a look Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. Not sure if they have it where we’re at 😀 Xoxo, Poppy!