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And as for your own clothes, get them off right away and wash them with some type of neutralizer- I poured Pine-sol in my clothes and it seemed to work fine (I can't smell skunk anymore) and for goodness sakes, try to keep your dogs away from skunks. It can sure ruin a romantic night!
Here’s the best way to get skunk smell off a dog, featuring the same little troublemaker that needed the .
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The offensive odor in skunk spray is caused by mercaptan which is a sulphur-containing organic compound found in some very nasty odors, including skunk, anal glands, and very old urine. (Its unpleasant and distinctive smell is put into natural gas, which is odorless itself, to help identify leaks.) This compound is sprayed onto the dog through the skunk's anal glands. Skunks are one of the few animals, along with some of the weasel family, that have voluntary control over these glands. This ability provides them with an effective defense system! Mar 6, 2017 - If your dog tangles with a skunk, do you know how to get skunk smell off its fur
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It’s something you never forget – the first time your dog comes into the house after having an encounter with a skunk. The smell is unmistakable and just about unbearable. What can you do to get that awful smell off your dog?If your dog tangles with a skunk, do you know how to get skunk smell off its fur? Some readers praise Massengill douche; others prefer tomato juice.HI David, My dog was around a skunk. I am not sure if he was sprayed or just rolled in it or what happened. It did not smell when I put him out and there was no barking to indicate that there was any thing out side. He does have the smell on the back of his neck. I am going to try the recipe for bathing him. My question is the smell is in my house. Not to bad but bad enough. I think burning candles seems to spared it more. What can I do? Right now I have the windows open because the air now is fresh. Can you offer suggestions?? Thanks for your help. MariaMassengill is not the only way to get skunk smell off a dog. Another popular remedy for this problem is a home-made solution developed by chemist Paul Krebaum in 1993: one quart of fresh 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda and one or two teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. The ingredients should be mixed in an open container. It will foam and should be applied to the affected areas while still foaming. Don’t try to store it: this mixture could explode if contained.An encounter with a skunk is a fairly common occurrence for dogs who get to run around in the woods. If the dog is too curious, the skunk will protect itself with its most potent weapon. And then you’ve got a problem: how do you get skunk smell off your dog? One reader offered an unusual remedy for this tricky situation.Skunks are such intriguing creatures that dogs can't resist instigating an encounter. Once that bushy black and white tail lifts, it's all over but the crying. If your dog is fortunate enough to get away without getting sprayed in his eyes or mouth, he won't suffer from health effects of skunk spray such as swollen eyes, sneezing or vomiting. You'll be in a hurry to get the skunk smell off of him, though. Don't rush to the pet supply store for an expensive specialty shampoo. Vinegar can be used with peroxide, liquid soap and baking soda to remove the smell.