Tip: Shredded Newspaper for Dog Bedding.

Puppy Bedding From Shredded Newspaper - Sabin Gun Dog Kennels
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Lining the crate with bedding makes it cozier, but some dogs may see the bedding as toilet or chewing material. If that happens, remove the bedding for a while. Never line the crate with shredded newspaper — it’s too tempting for your dog to use it as a toilet.
shredded newspaper as dog bedding Shredded paper comes in a compact plastic wrap bale
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Prairie dogs should be housed in as large a cage as is possible, as they require room to move around and explore. The biggest cage you can afford is probably too small! Space should be allowed for exercise. Prairie dogs do not need to climb, so shelves and other climbing equipment are not recommended. Since prairie dogs love to chew, they should not be housed in wooden cages. Rather, stainless steel cages are preferred. To prevent odor buildup and respiratory disease, at least one (and preferable all) sides of the cage should be open to allow adequate ventilation. Cage sides should be high because prairie dogs love to dig and burrow. They will often dig and hide under cage bedding, and therefore can be messy as the bedding is flung around. Preferred bedding materials are wood shavings, commercial pellets, or shredded paper and the bedding should be deep enough to allow for adequate digging. Avoid sand, mud, and cedar wood shavings (cedar might be toxic.) Provide tunnels, dark areas and boxes to allow forexploration by the prairie dog. The floor of the cage can be solid, or can be wire with an under-the-cage pan to allow for bedding and excrement accumulation. bales shredded paper dog bedding - Joshua Robbins
Photo provided by FlickrI use the shredded paper for dog bedding.
Photo provided by Flickrchopped straw or hay shredded newspaper dog bedding fallen leaves.
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Please don't use hay for bedding for dogs. I used to use it all of the time until one of my dogs started to eat it. The hay started to get stuck between his teeth and the gums. I didn't realize this was happening and it became infected. I will spare you the gorry details but he ended up having surgery to get the infection out. My vet told me to use straw or shredded paper.Prairie dogs do not need large amounts of space so long as they have some space they can consider their own territory. They do well in multilevel wire cages like those for ferrets where they can climb and play. They should have plenty of room in the bottom for nest building as they are quite elaborate builders. They will use extra hay, shredded paper, non-loft polyester batting or any lint-free material to weave into their nests. Be sure to avoid lint-causing materials as they may cause respiratory problems. You can use corn cob, pine shavings or newspaper for bedding materials, but do not give your prairie dogs cedar as its high phenol content will also cause them respiratory problems.I use the shredded paper for dog bedding. It is very insilated and keeps them warm on cold nights. It also provides a great comfortable bed to sleep. This material can be used for any type of animal (04/26/2007)
By Dog LoverShredded paper is soft and comfortable, which is why some dog owners mistakenly see it as a suitable crate material. Soft materials, such as blankets and paper, can confuse a dog and cause him to chew it or use it for a toilet. Instead, use his own bedding. If his own bedding won’t fit, give him a smaller item of bedding to use outside of the crate so he learns that this item is his. Then, once you put that in the crate, he won’t be tempted to soil it, as he will have built a denning association with the item.