Le Salon Essentials Shedding Blade for Dogs

For a short coated dog I would/have used a horse shedder or a worn hacksaw blade hand held.
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The curry brush is designed for brushing short-haired dogs (such as Labradors, Rottweilers, Boxers, Beagles, Dobermans and Greyhounds) and short-haired cats. There are many different designs of the curry brush, and all of them work very well. To use the curry brush, rub it with the grain of the hair, against the grain (with less pressure), and in circles. Be sure to brush the legs and muzzle. For thicker-coated, short-haired dogs, you’ll also need a shedding blade.
Safari Metal Curry Comb Shedding Blade Grooming Tool for Dog Horse - Deshedding Tools
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Most shedding blades come in two different positions. The looped position is good for gathering hair throughout most of your pet's body, but for the back, sides and abdomen you may wish to reorient the blade so that it is straight out and capable of collecting larger amounts of fur. Start out by sitting your pet in front of you or, if your dog is small enough, in your lap. Place your hands through both loops of the shedding blade handles and gently pull the shedding blade along your pet's fur in the direction in which his fur grows. Make sure that the blade comes as close to being in contact with his skin as possible, but don't press it down too hard so as to hurt him. Shedding Blade Grip Handle Pink Removing Unwanted Mud Grooming Comfortable Dog
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A de-shedding blade is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to keep your dog’s coat groomed. I have tried other shedding and grooming tools for my dog in the past but none were as easy to use and well tolerated by my dog as a simple de-shedding blade.I find that a good groom with the de-shedding blade 1-2 times per week during summer improves the look of my dogs coat and dramatically reduces the amount of dog hair in the house.A de-shedding blade, also called a de-shedding comb or tool, is a looped piece of metal with saw-like teeth on each side. While the saw teeth can be sharp, don’t let the term “blade” scare you off. This is not a razor type blade like those used in other shedding tools. Unless you are being unnecessarily rough, or your dog is extremely uncontrollable, there is little chance of hurting yourself or your pet with a de-shedding blade.The shedding blade has come into popular use for dog, and sometimes even cat grooming. Initially, it was primarily used for horses, and occasionally sheep and goats, to reduce coat shed and help to minimize any tangles or the possibility of hair matting. Used regularly for pets or for horses, it can help catch any hairs on the verge of shedding, and keep the coat of an animal looking glossy.Heavy duty shedding blade with rubberized handle. Stainless steel blade with fine and coarse teeth. Can be used in both closed and open position for both shedding and bathing . For all dogs.You can use the shedding blade on longer coated dogs, but it tends to be less effective. Some people also swear by its use on cats, but for most cats, the blade may be a little large. Look for smaller sized versions in your local pet store.