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your pet with our selection of adjustable pet gates, secure dog doors and versatile dog pens.
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Security Boss has over 40 years of combined experience in the dog door market. Innovative design and high quality products define us as the premiere pet door manufacturer. The Pet doors we manufacture are designed with the customer as the top priority. Each product fits a unique niche and is designed to be the very best product available.
Watchdog makes steel security covers for pet doors with combination locks. These are very sturdy and use tamper resistant hardware.
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There are a number of options for a locking dog door lock including the positive pin lock. The pin lock is attached at the top with small cat dog doors. With large or extra large dog doors, a second pin lock should be installed for added security. The Security Boss MaxSeal Pet door is the Best Pet Door by Design | Dual flap insulated dog doors with heavy duty security door panels | MaxSeal for Doors.
Photo provided by FlickrWatchdog Security Pet Doors makes a 12 gauge steel cover that can be installed on the outside of a wall or door and locked with a built in combination lock.
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Hey, Nice Blog, I like your blog. I have many dog. Still i am looking for security doors for dog security and also house security. If you have any ideas about security doors provider please share with us.Find your at the home of the leading manufacturer in the doggie door industry, JGM Pet Doors. Our doggie doors and cat doors stand out because of their superior craftsmanship, and we offer a number of exciting options including sliding glass dog doors, doors with dog doors, doggie doors for walls and windows and more. We also offer for residents of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas! With JGM you'll have access to the most secure and durable doggy doors on the market, and all of our models are built in the U.S. with all American-made parts! Consult with the dog door installer Phoenix knows and trusts.Hi! We actually do have several options for security along with a pet door. For doors and walls, I would recommend the Watchdog Security Cover: Regardless of the placement of the dog door, a weather seal is highly recommended. When the is on, cool air escapes to the outside every time an outside door is opened. For this reason, basic flap-entry models are not the best choice for energy conservation. To keep the air conditioning or heat indoors, pet owners should look into energy-efficient dog doors.

Energy-efficient flap models are available, with flaps that are double wide or otherwise insulated. The pet owner may wish to abandon the flap style altogether and instead seek a solid-paned door that either slides or locks. With its more secure construction, this type of door is ideal when safety is a concern. However, electronic dog or cat dog doors may give a false sense of security. Receivers may respond to a pocketful of change or other stimulus. A pet standing or lying near the doggie door can unlock the door and allow an inside cat out or a clever thief in. Also, an indoor pet can slip through with another pet and become trapped outside. A pet door will give your dog or cat the freedom they need in order to live a happy, healthy life, but it is understandable to be concerned about home security at the same time. Between advances in technology and taking the proper precaution, you can use pet doors safely within your home. You will provide your pet with the freedom they need, without compromising the health and safety of others in your house.