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DOG harness vest/safety seat belt to keep by MilliesPetCreations, $9.99 Things for my Frenchie....
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The Click & Roll is an automatic dog seat belt system that works direclty with your vehicle's seat belt anchor, as opposed to the seat belt strap like other dog vehicle containment systems. Designed to be used with the MIM Allsafe Seatbelt Harness, the Click & Roll Safety Belt offers optimum comfort and protection. Simply snap the belt reel in the buckle of the vehicle. The extra strong metal clip and swivel allows the harness to anchor in seconds. Ideal for long journeys: The retractable line allows a dog to pull the line out upto 27" so your dog has the ability to stretch freely. In the event of a jerk caused by a sudden impact or collision, the Click & Roll will lock up, preventing your dog from being thrown forward. The belt is made of polyester that is 2" wide .05" thick. It is extremely durable and can withstand a tensile load of 1102 lbs. Closures and mechanics are made of solid metal. The cover is made with heavy-duty black plastic designed for easy clean-up.

Kurgo Impact Seat Belt Dog Harness - Lifetime Warranty -- Want additional info? Click on the image.
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"Although I have a harness and belt that I use in my back seat, there are times when I need to put my dog in the front seat when I have two kids cars seat in the back of my car, and this is wonderful when I need to put my dog up front with me, Iam so glad I saw this, " DOG harness vest/safety seat belt to keep by MilliesPetCreations, $9.99 Things for my Frenchie....
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But you can't use the seat belts in the car directly—they are designed for humans. The solution is a dog seat-belt harness. They are cheap, comfortable for the dogs, and easy to use. The dogs are able to move about within the space of a single seat. They can lie down, sit up, etc.Dog Safety Harness, Belt and Clip Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Hotpink, Green Type: Dog Car Seat Belts Features: Vehicle adjustable seat belt collars for pets Length: 28" Material: Nylon Weight: 40 g IteGuardian Gear Polyester Ride Right Seat Belt Connectors, Black - Now you can turn any dog harness into a travel harness. Innovative seat belt connector wraps around a seatbelt and features a secure clip that attaches to dog's harness for safe car travel. This seat ... - Vehicle Harnesses - Pet Supplies - $8.50Following extensive research and testing, we created a system that offers you the convenience and versatility of a quick-release design, and your dog the protection and comfort of a specially engineered safety harness. The CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™ includes our and CHAMPION Restraint Strap™, which attaches easily to all types of vehicle seat belts, and cargo hooks in SUVs, vans, trucks, and wagons.Crates and simple car seat belts cannot offer protection and safety in a car like the PupSaver Car Seat can! The PupSaver is a small dog car safety seat, created for small breed dogs in need of a safe seat for car rides. Harnesses, crates and booster seats are not the safest options for small dogs, since they offer no impact protection in case of accidents or short stops. The PupSaver offers full protection without complete restraint. It protects dogs up to 30 lbs and easily hooks up in…The unique patent pending harness design is similar in concept to the three-point seat belt required in all vehicles. The wide webbed harness structure and padded vest evenly distribute forces across a dog’s chest to lessen the chance of injury during an impact, while side straps reduce lateral movement by anchoring the lower end of the dog in place.