Hill's Science Diet Adult Canned Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food Review | Rating| Recalls
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Thanks guys for the advice! I’m avoiding the high carbs to try to keep the cancer risk to a minimum since I read that carbs feed cancers. Besides, who needs all those fillers? I also read that there are noted differences in bloodwork w/ dogs that eat a war diet and high protein grain free diets. The research is showing that the normal reference values for dogs fed raw food diets should probably be revised. I know for a fact my vet is a Science Diet junkie who doesn’t necessarily buy into grain-free so I may be battling him to keep our 3 dogs on this diet. Thank you Mike for looking into Sundancer…I’m gonna try it anyways but will keep checking to see what you think about it!
Science Diet Dog Food Reviews
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We were brought to tears and angered when we read what others said about what this dog food has done to other pet owners. It's horrible and sad! The positive reviews make me wish these pet owners would stop using this food, because it will catch up with their pets. Science Diet food needs to be taken off of the shelves and no longer sold or even given out! Science Diet Dog Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis - Pet Food Talk
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I found a lot of low dog food Science Diet reviews. The overall rating for reviews on Science Diet dog food was only a star and a half with . Out of more than 300 consumers, 62 percent gave the company one star, and an additional 9 percent gave it two stars. Only 6 percent gave five stars to their reviews of Science Diet dog food, so the negative feelings out there are pretty strong.Science diet's ratings for dogs reviews are great on their own company website, but not everyone seems to agree on the food's quality and nutrition. I definitely don't like some of the company's advertising practices, and that only increases my general distrust. That has a big impact on my opinion for my own Science Diet for dogs reviews.UPDATED ON 01/22/2016: I have taken the time to read many of the reviews for Hills Corporation Science Diet dog food. I feel obligated to continue with an update on the ongoing issue I had with the rat I found in the Science Diet Adult dog food. I contacted the Hills Corporation company and they sent me two ten dollar coupons for my troubles. I sent them an email back letting them know that two ten dollar coupons were an insult. I will never buy their rat infested food again. I want to tell all of you and anyone that has a pet please do not feed your pets this food. On top of that the dog was coughing continually, but was only 9 months old. I found out she was abandoned when the previous owner had passed away and was left outside for two weeks without food or water in the only cold month that year in my part of Florida. I took her home because I just couldn't leave her and immediately went to the vet who gave me a bag of hills science diet for large breeds 1-5 years old and she loved it. When that bag was finished I purchased a bag of even more expensive dry food, that I won't mention and changed to that gradually as instructed when changing foods.This food was recommended by the rescue and vet when I adopted my baby. I had fed Science Diet to previous dogs and was happy with it. However, since there are so many premium brands and formulations around now, I will probably try some to see if she fares any better with them.I have had Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years. I have always fed them Hill's Science Diet. Not only do they love it, but the quality of this food will show noticeable changes for the better in your dogs coat, eyes, and nose. No other food makes our dogs' coat shine like Science Diet. If you have Labradors, I highly recommend that you disregard most of these reviews and try it. I have never heard of dog food alone causing a dog to die. Once, our puppy ate a third of a 40 pound bag in the middle of the night. He threw it up, and was hungry again 12 hours later. Most dogs love Science Diet.