Royal canin is simply the best food a dog could eat,

Judging by its ingredients alone, Royal Canin Mini Dog Food looks like a below-average dry product.
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Hello, I am from the uk and finding it really hard to source good food for my English bulldog.
She is currently 13 weeks old and is on the food recommended by her breeder Royal Canin Junior plus we add a small portion of raw lamb mince per bowl.
We would really like to get her on a healthier cleaner food that will discourage any allergies. She already is suffering with watery eyes and has a pinkness to her white face.
Please can you help with a recommendation of food I can get in the uk please?
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She’s clearly a seller or vet. Only vets know Royal Canin. And prescription food is not healthy for a dog life term. No good nutrients in it. Good luck to your pet ha The Royal Canin Breed-Specific Puppy product line includes 12 dry dog foods.
Photo provided by FlickrRoyal Canin Medium Dog Food receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3 stars.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Royal Canin Medium Dog Food product line includes six dry dog foods.
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I had a chihuahua for three years and I fed him Royal Canin food since he was a puppy to adult. One day, I noticed he started developing issues with urinating and just feeling VERY sick. I took him to the vet, had some X-rays done and bad news came. My poor Bobby was diagnosed with very very large bladder stones and a severe urinary tract infection. My vet told me that this was 95% from food. Not even surgery would help and I was forced to put him down, there was no option. My dog never had any symptoms and this came as a shock. I asked a veterinarian online today what he thinks of the food, and he said he feeds it to his dogs, and that he doesn't pay much attention to hype about this ingredient or that ingredient - if a dog does well on the food, it's fine to feed it. He went on to say that Royal Canin is a perfectly fine food and the company maintains very excellent quality control. So, while I respect and sympathize with anyone who has had a negative experience, and, as with anything, it isn't for everyone. Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water. Royal Canin is the food of choice for my much-loved, very picky miniature schnauzer.I have heard other related stories all caused by ROYAL CANIN. PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS FOOD. Read the ingredients, all chemicals. My eyes are now opened! If you wouldn't eat it, don't let your pooch eat it. There are other dog food brands that provide healthier options. This food killed my dog, I now warn everyone about this brand. I am not the first pet owner whose dog went through bladder stones caused by Royal Canin, this brand should be recalled and taken off store shelves! I do not recommend this food to any animal, not even rats.Most dogs fine the Royal Canin a bit more palatable than the Hill's products. You also have the option of cooking for your dog. However, low protein is really only indicated for dogs with protein intolerance (hepatic encephalopathy) is not really indicated for asymptomatic Maltese with mild elevations. She isn't showing any symptoms. This is more or less to see if she has issues with protein I'd rather do this first than a biopsy. Also I made the home cooked low protein diet and she refuses to eat it she hates rice and there is hardly any meat. , before we were giving her chicken with carrots and other veggies every day, she never really ate her kibble. Wet food is a no go we tried it. This is so frustrating and confusing , and more than anything I feel hopeless. She had a week about a month ago when she was throwing up but since she was 6 months she has had mildly elevated liver enzymes so I'm just confused.My mixed Bichon Frise dog is the pickiest eater. Tried most of the dog foods and he only ate the Bichon Frise from Royal Canin ordered thru Amazon with no hesitation. I saw all negative comments and got scared but I also wanted to share my input.I found this brand of dog food to be excellent for my Maltese. We have had Mikey since he was a puppy and he was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years ago. Royal Canin is a great product. My dog loves it! Mikey is now blind but still gets around and does not tire of Royal Canin for diabetic dogs. We just love him!