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Hello, I am from the uk and finding it really hard to source good food for my English bulldog.
She is currently 13 weeks old and is on the food recommended by her breeder Royal Canin Junior plus we add a small portion of raw lamb mince per bowl.
We would really like to get her on a healthier cleaner food that will discourage any allergies. She already is suffering with watery eyes and has a pinkness to her white face.
Please can you help with a recommendation of food I can get in the uk please?
Royal Canin's Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed English Bulldog puppies from 8 weeks to 12 months.
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Haven’t heard anything negative with Fromm and it is indeed a very popular choice for Bulldog lovers. I like the addition of pre-biotics and minerals that aid in digestion. This is a huge plus for Bulldogs. The Royal Canin can definitely cause itching for some Bulldogs. Be sure there isn’t some other circumstance causing the itching like poor hygiene or living area before you switch. Royal Canin's Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed English Bulldogs over 12 months.
Photo provided by FlickrRoyal Canin's French Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed French Bulldogs over 12 months old.
Photo provided by FlickrThis Royal Canin formula is designed exclusively for pure breed French Bulldogs over 12 months old
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Royal Canin is one of the best recognized dog food brands in the world. Their reputation is well-earned, because they make specific foods for specific breeds. Their dry bulldog food is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and it’s specially formulated to reduce flatulence.Unfortunately, most Royal Canin dog foods have rice as a main ingredient. In the bulldog recipe, chicken is actually the third ingredient behind two different kinds of rice.Instead, they make their foods for each specific breed. The bulldog kibble promotes healthy joints to prevent inflammation. A bulldog’s unique physique puts extra stress on their leg joints, and Royal Canin can prevent future issues.I've been feeding Cupcake Royal Canin Bulldog puppy food for the last 11 months of her life...and she has bad skin issues (inflammation around mouth, red bumps that aren't exactly zits but are red and sometimes scab over, vet examined them under microscope and said it must just be allergies...and how exactly can I pinpoint what she's allergic to when it could be literally anything in her environment?)There are a lot of reasons to feed Royal Canin to a bulldog, but the prominence of the rice is enough to make a lot of people think twice. The special blend is still ideal for healthier dogs, but it may not be right for heavy bulldogs.French Bulldogs are pint sized powerhouses and Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food was designed to fuel them properly! Our formula is packed with the appropriate amount of protein and fiber. This tasty blend also contains an exclusive complex of vitamins and nutrients. Helping to keep those tough lil’ bodies looking great and running in optimal condition supporting healthy muscle mass maintenance, skin and digestion. Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food was even exclusively designed with a shape that is perfect for your furry friend to pick up and eat… Bon Appétit!We did the Chicken Soup for Dogs, that was fine but switched to the bulldog by Royal Canin after talking to our breeder and going to a dog show and talking to the Royal Canin rep.If you’re bullish on ensuring your bulldog pup starts off on the right paw, there’s Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food. Specially formulated to support health and systems of young bulldogs, this crunchy kibble has precise energy levels to manage weight in this obesity-prone breed, with added glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints, antioxidant vitamins C and E for strong immunity, and highly digestible proteins to support digestive wellness. And its wave shape pieces make for easier grasping and chewing.