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Q: What is an electronic pet door?
A: Electronic pet doors open when a pet with a collar key comes close enough to trigger it. In some doors the key releases the catch on the door so the pet can push it open. When it comes to the PlexiDor Electronic pet door, the cat or dog has an RF-ID key on the collar, and the door opens automatically when the key comes into range.
RFID Dog and Cat Doors
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PlexiDor electronic dog doors are operated by an RFID collar key that requires no batteries, is water-tight, and is highly secure with its 1000s of programmable key codes. Collar tags for every type of pet door. Electronic, magnetic and RFID operated dog and cat doors.
Photo provided by PexelsPetsafe Electronic Smart Dog Door is RFID operated and can be mounted into doors and walls
Photo provided by PexelsElectronic doggie doors are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies.
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These reasons and more are exactly whey the microchip cat flap and electronic dog door were invented. These electronic doors go by several other names as well. Perhaps you have heard them called automatic dog doors, magnetic cat flaps, electronic pet door, power pet door, RFID dog door and more. Whatever you decide to call it, they all have the same concept, which is to let you pet in and out of your house automatically.There are quite a few offered that use an RFID (radio frequency identification) key. RFID keys are waterproof and most don't require a battery, however the doors themselves will need batteries or a wall outlet. Most of these are for cats and small dogs, like the . However, there is the which is the largest and one of the most reliable dog doors out there.What is the best automatic dog door available? The highest quality automatic doggie door on the market today is the Plexidor , which is available in both a door mount and wall mount version. Plexidor RFID pet doors use a waterproof programmable collar key worn around your pet's neck to activate the door. When the door is activated by the collar key a motor slides open the pet door just like a garage door. America's Pet Store has seen very few problems with this dog door, however, it is the most expensive of the auto dog doors on the market. High Tech Pet manufactures the , which uses ultra sonic technology. Electro-magnetic and utilize magnetic technology to unlock the dog door. Radio frequency (RFID) doors are the most expensive option on the market today; the brand we carry is PlexiDor electronic pet doors. PlexiDor motorized pet doors allow you to control your pet's access both in and out of the house. And the collar sensor does not require batteries which is a big plus. An electronic dog door is excellent at restricting access for one family pet in the house, while providing controlled outside access to other family pets wearing a special collar sensor. We spotted another so-called automatic dog door on the internet recently which appears to be a knock-off copy of the mechanics used by an older, discontinued Power Pet model. The Plexidor electric doggy door uses an extruded aluminum frame which is not as strong or stable as the composite ABS polymer used on the Power Pet Door. It may seem like metal should be stronger than plastic however, with a highly tooled injection mold it is possible to engineer a structure that is far stronger, more rigid, impact resistant and temperature stable than a hand welded aluminum extrusion. Power Pet Doors are less unlikely to jam in extremely cold or hot weather. Additionally the RFID system used by the Plexidor requires a large collar key suitable only for large dogs. The Plexidor does not have directional sensing, safety retract, 4-Way Access or individual range controls. And we can't understand why such an inferior electronic pet door sells for over $1,200.00!The well-known SureFlap Pet Door can store 32 pet IDs, so this is ideal for households with multiple pets where owners need both dog and cat doors. This third best automatic dog door mechanism runs on 4 C-cell batteries, which can last up to approximately 1 year before replacement will be needed. Purchase of this door includes 1 RFID tag.