Removing dog smells from rugs is not impossible.

 removes stinky smells from laundry, shoes, clothing and carpets, so why not dogs?
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OdorKlenz Natural Pet Shampoo is your regular use shampoo with the added benefit of our advanced odor neutralizing technology built right in. Safe and gentle on pets, this product gets them clean and odor free. OdorKlenz Pet Shampoo removes the most stubborn pet odors such as wet dog smell, skunk spray, and dog body odor. The shampoo is gentle enough to use right on your pet but strong enough to remove the odors and leave your pet clean and odor free
Following these steps should remove the pet or dog pee smell from the carpet.
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Baking soda. This is a great dog smell remover. Baking soda is cheap, so don’t be stingy with it. Spread it liberally over your carpet and let it sit overnight. If you are able to, cover it with a tarp so that the odor absorbing properties are directed exclusively at the carpet. Vacuum it up in the morning. I have laminate floors. How can I remove the strong smell of dog urine from my floors?
Photo provided by FlickrWhat is the best thing to remove dog urine and urine smell from my carpet?
Photo provided by FlickrHow do I remove dog urine smell from carpet. My 13 year old lab has had a few accidents.
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Lemon juice also work great as an dog urine odor remover. Mix lemon juice -- commercial or freshly squeezed -- with water and sprinkle it on your carpets. This smell is pleasant for people, but will keep your dog at bay. The citric acid is also effective if you want to clean and remove urine odor from carpets.Possibly nothing in my life has brought more frenzied panic than the moment I realized my dog had been sprayed by a skunk. Because it was just five in the morning and my nose had not yet awoken, I leaned against the open door and invited the smelly mutt inside. Then, gasping in horror, I spent what felt like three hours trying to chase down the equally panicked animal and herd him back out the door. Thus began an adventure I’ll not soon forget, from finding a place to wash the beast to deciding what would best remove the hideous skunk odor. It did make a great story for my students, however, when I finally limped into the classroom trying hard to forget the stench that still hovered at home.There are several benefits to vacuuming regularly. It keeps allergens down, prevents dirt from grinding into the carpet and staining it, and it keeps your house smelling fresh. Removing the dog hair and cat dander as quickly as possible prevents this debris from making your carpet smell like your pets. Regular vacuuming also removes parasites from fleas from the carpet to help keep your pets happy and healthy. Ideally, homes with pets should be vacuumed daily. If you don’t have time to invest in this daily chore, try to do it at least three times a week.Choose skunk odor remover that will help you get rid of the skunk smell on your dog. Since your must act fast when a skunk strikes, it’s nice to have everything you need on hand. The following solution has worked for many people and is a favorite among home remedies: mix 1 qt. of 3% hydrogen peroxide, ¼ to ½ cups baking soda and 1 – 2 tsp. dish soap. (It’s important not to store this in a closed container since the mixture of these ingredients creates pressure and could burst.) Another thing to keep in mind is the bleaching effect hydrogen peroxide could have on your dog’s coat. If this is a concern, try substituting vinegar for the peroxide.If your Jack Russell terrier has ever had that not-so-fresh dog smell, you likely wondered how to remove the odor. Dog smell usually occurs after a canine has become wet. If the hair is not blow-dried, foul-smelling bacteria begin to grow on the hair and skin. Jack Russell terrier hair is typically quite coarse and thick and blocks most airflow to the skin, creating a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Fortunately, however, there are ways to remove the scent and prevent your Jack Russell from smelling like a dog.Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover is made with water and natural enzymes, and it will eliminate a variety of messes that either your dog or cat may make. This is great, because after you wash the skunk smell off your dog, you’ll be ready to clean up your couch after he rolls around the dirt in retaliation. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and not have to touch the stuff for awhile.