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A hot spot results from a variety of factors. Irritants—such as fleabites, mites or scratches—will produce hot spots. Behavioral issues—such as anxiety—can also lead dogs to chewing raw spots into skin. As hot spots rapidly worsen, immediate attention is necessary to treat the problem. Home remedies for hot spots will promote healing; however, consult your veterinarian for guidance.
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As far as my experience goes, hot spots are an infection with unknown causes and can spread rapidly - my dog had one on his cheek and within 3 days it had doubled in size. Within a day of getting the correct anti biotics from the vets, his hot spot was noticably less raw and angry looking. I am not the expert here, but I do not think there is a natural remedy for hot spots. Hot Spots remedies. - Golden Retrievers : Golden Retriever Dog Forums
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Photo provided by FlickrWith the assistance of home remedies for hotspots on dogs you can quickly and effectively soothe, as well as heal your dog's skin.
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How does one treat a hot spot on a dog? Are there natural remedies for dog hot spots? These are some of the pressing questions on people’s minds today regarding their dogs and dog hot spots. According to Small Animal Dermatology by Drs. Muller and Kirk, a hot spot on a dog is also called acute moist dermatitis, moist eczema, and pyotraumatic dermatitis. Acute moist dermatitis is an acute and painful inflammation which develops in a localized area and is the result of self-inflicted trauma to the skin. It involves a secondary bacterial infection which can be superficial or deep. Dog hot spots are fairly common and often occur over the rump area, although they can occur any where on the dog’s body. The condition exists in any breed but is more commonly seen in dense-coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Old English Sheepdogs, Collies, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards and German Shepherds. Treating hot spots on dogs can be a challenge when looking for a dog hot spot natural remedy. Hotspots HURT! They're stressful for your dog and they're stressful for you too. So preventing hot spots should be high up on your priorities when it comes to your dog's care. Here are ten natural home remedies that can help ease the pain, itch and stress.Dog hot spots, also known as moist dermatitis, are not aserious condition but can cause major discomfort. The symptoms of hot spots may include licking, scratching, red oozing skin and hair loss. The treatment of hot spots in dogs can be made up of conventional treatment, but there are also a few at-home remedies that can work to eliminate moist dermatitis. Apple cider vinegar is a solution that can be used for hot spots, as it contains acetic acid that is effective in removing hot spots caused by fleas or allergies.A natural remedy for dog hot spots that can be of benefit is Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment Salve or Spray. It has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as, antibacterial and antiseptic effects. All the ingredients are natural and human grade. It contains no artificial preservatives or colorings and is steroid and gluten free. Cases have shown that it can also reduce itching. A natural remedy for dog hot spots is very hard to come by, but you are fortunate to have found the best natural topical remedy for dog hot spots! Treat dog hot spots with Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin treatment Salve or Spray! Get some by clicking .A few things to remember: If the condition worsens take your pet to the veterinarian as the problem may be more than hot-spots. Also, in humid areas always dry your dog well to avoid damp areas laying on the dog's skin for large amounts of time. If your dog is constantly licking and biting the infected skin area be sure to use a bitenot collar to keep them from further spreading the damage on the skin.