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So I know this is for dogs, but I recently took my cat to the vet for his shots. He is overweight (from the shelter he was at) i’ve only had him for 5.5 months. He’s lost 2#! Anyway I asked my vet whether I need to feed him less and she said no to actually give him more than what I have been feeding him. I told her the brand I am feeding(BB Spa Weight Control) She told me this would give him struvite urinary stones. She said to feed him SD Perscription R/D, because he would need less and remain full the whole day. I am sad to say that I did not tell her I would never buy SD because of the crap ingredients in it. The receptionist who checked me out asked if I was buying a bag and I said no I just bought a new bag of his other food. Really wish they would read the ingredients in the bag and not just think pf the $ in selling it.
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I have a German Shepherd. She is 12 years old, the love of my life. She has bad hips and was dehydrated. I took her to the vet they put her on Kennedy Hills. 2 weeks ago she doesn't seem to like the food. I've been opening cans and giving her kibble mixed in a variety for her, so she can be happy. Am two weeks into feeding her a low protein food of KD Hills renal canned dog food. Just opened a can this morning and it had a block on it. Unfortunately, I was feeding a scoop to Herthan. I seen black in the product and already gave it. IF YOU DON’T RECOMMEND HILLS DIET R/D FOR DOGS.WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND. PLEASE ADVISE WHAT FOOD IS BETTER
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I wish I had read all the reviews on this dog food. My 9 year shih tzu/Bichon was put to sleep on Saturday June 3rd for having pancreatitis and liver issues. He has been on Hills Diet d/d dog food for allergies. In March he got bad to the point of scratching and biting his hair off, becoming raw and smelling of yeast infection. The vet changed him to the z/t brand of Hills Diet and had different shampoo and conditioner. The rash went away and skin healed up. Sometime during the end of the first bag and start of the second 8lb bag he started having problems peeing and diarrhea started. He was scheduled for his shots and yearly check-up. Was told that this could just be bladder infection. I took him back in due the same issues as well as he was losing strength in his hind legs as well as losing weight.The store I bought food from spoken to Hills Prescription on my behalf to ask if ingredients have been changed. They advised the supplier ingredients not been changed. I do not believe this whatsoever! Since my dog has been taking new food she has been ill and been collapsing. She's 14 and has many illnesses, to include bad heart. When her gastric system is interfered with, she has collapses and her heart stops. She's only going out to the garden at the moment and this is causing the collapses. We are furious!!! If we had known, we could have slowly introduced her to the new food. Angry, angry.My 1-year-old puppy was a rescue. Shortly after adopting him, he went into acute kidney failure. So prescription Hills KD was recommended after he recovered. He was on that food for 2 1/2 years until recently. The 3 reasons why this dog food is a ripoff: 1. It now costs $90.00 for a 27 pound bag which is ridiculous as it has been around for years and years. 2. I cannot afford it on what I make. 3. My dog has now got a never ending rash and no hair left on his tummy. I need help. I think my dogs are ill from eating K/D vet prescribed dog food. In Jan I took my 14 yrs old dogs to the vet for the normal annual blood work up and was told that the male dog should probably go on low protein dog food because the kidney readings were a little elevated. So I took home a 8 lbs bag that day and put on order for a larger bag since my vet advised it. It has been 3 months now and I am sure that the food is poisoning them due to the symptoms I am seeing in them both but more in the male dog. They both don't really want to eat the food so I have been putting some bits of treats in to get them to eat it since the vet said it would help them in their old age and it was so expensive I don't want to waste it. Both have been walking around with their tails down all day, hunched over, wobbly as they stand, losing weight slowly, some runny poops and smaller in size.