Eating too quickly is a common trait among large dogs

Dog food bowls with raised bumps or partitions in the basin force the dog to eat slowly
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Though eating from an elevated dog bowl does promote better posture, especially in larger dogs, there is a good deal of controversy regarding the idea that raised dog bowls prevent bloat. When large and giant breed dogs consume too much food in a short period of time, it can sometimes cause the abdomen to fill with air and the stomach to twist on its axis – this is called gastric torsion, or bloat. When the stomach twists, it cuts off blood flow to the stomach and other vital organs which can be dangerous, and even fatal for your dog. While some say that elevated dog bowls can reduce the risk for bloat, the results of several studies actually suggest the opposite – they may increase the dog’s risk. If you are concerned about bloat for your large or giant dog, you would do better to invest in a slow feed dog bowl rather than a raised dog bowl.
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The Large Neater Feeder is the first and only mess proof dog bowl designed for large breeds of dogs. The Large Neater Feeder is a raised dog bowl for dogs weighing 35 to 100 pounds with a shoulder height of 15-21 inches. This unique pet feeder holds dog bowls at a comfortable 8 inches above the floor, so your dog can eat and drink comfortably. Adjustable Leg Extensions are an optional feature which will allow the Neater Feeder to extend to 11" tall, providing additional pet comfort. Each Large Neater Feeder elevated dog bowl comes with one seven cup standard stainless steel food bowl, one nine cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl, and is available in stylish cranberry or bronze colors. By using the mess proof Neater Feeder, your floors and walls will be protected from water and food damage, whether caused by your dog's messy eating habits, or human accidents such as bumping into the dog bowl. Dishes Feeders and Fountains 177789: Raised Dog Bowls For Large Dogs Elevated With Stand 4 Quart 2 Dishes Pet Feeder BUY IT NOW ONLY: $68.99.
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Photo provided by FlickrRaised dog bowls for large dogs adjust to grow with your dog. Great price, easy to use, perfect for big breeds like Great Danes. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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As you probably already know, eating in a natural standing position improves a big dog's body alignment and aids in digestion. That's why raised dog feeders are ideal for large dogs with arthritis or weakness in their joints. Dogs with trouble bending or leaning appreciate these elevated dog bowls. Obviously, it's great for growing puppies, as this bowl will grow as they do.I think raised dog bowls are a vital for any of the larger breeds. My own dogs have been eating from elevated feeders for years and and I cringe when I think back that my first dogs ate from a bowl on the floor.When first promoted, raised dog food bowls were sold as something extremely beneficial for larger breed dogs that are at a higher risk of bloating. This view was sold as “science” because it resulted from a statistical study ().We remember around the time that their study came out, we had just purchased raised dog bowls for our own dogs. All three of our dogs, including our deep chested Lab and deep chested very large Doberman were doing much better using elevated bowls.Great for large breeds. It's obvious why elevated food bowls are good for dogs. Vets recommend these types of feeders for dogs such as Great Danes or Mastiffs because it elevates the food to their level, helping them to eat more comfortable. There’s a lot of strain on a dog the size of a Mastiff (which can grow up to 32 inches tall!) to bend to reach a bowl way down on the ground.Hi Steven:
I am so very sorry to hear about your girl. This has to be terrible for you. Please take comfort in knowing that YOU DID the right thing by feeding her from a raised bowl. Good breeders of Great Danes who die from bloat more than any other breed – will tell you that it’s critical that you feed large dogs from raised bowls. Can I ask what type of food you are feeding? can help a great deal with bloating and gas. Don’t ever rely solely on a dog food (even high end) that says they include probiotics and digestive enzymes. It’s not enough. The potency breaks down during the cooking process.