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I’m confused by your post. Dogs (domestic pets) were once wild too. Raccoon dogs are a part of the dog family and do not deserve a life in a wire cage only to have their heads slammed on concrete and then skinned alive for fashion. People can be so ignorant and selfish it makes me sick. No animal is a pest. Though if you consider a pest a population that is out of control and using up all the resources it inhabits then HUMANS are the only pests on this planet. We are grossly overpopulated and will get a big smack in the face when we pollute all the waterways and cause the extinction of our kind.
Utya! The Raccoon Dog rescued from the fur farm - pretty playful and affectionate pet!
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Raccoon dog fur on coats sold online as "raccoon" by Neiman Marcus, Dillard's and Loehmann's (via Smartbargains. com), and as "rabbit" by Bergdorf Goodman and Footlocker. The brands involved were Andrew Marc, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Bogner and Rocawear. Raccoon dogs are a breed of dog from China, which resemble racoons. Unlike racoons, which are wild and will bite, racoon dogs are gentle and tame and will be loyal pets up until the day they are ready to be skinned. Hyper Pet Hyper Shakes Raccoon Dog Toy Brown
Photo provided by FlickrHyper Pet Hyper Shakes Raccoon Dog Toy: Multi textured, durable plush and ultra-tough, yet pliable rubber 3 part design is perfect
Photo provided by FlickrSnowstorms beget strange-pet Internet heroes. Also, raccoon-dogs are cute, it is true:  — Catherine Arnold (@TreesWhales)
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Though native to eastern Asia, raccoon dogs have been introduced widely in Europe. Wild raccoon dogs have been captured in England (Nowak 1999, p. 653). They are also sold as exotic pets there, and no doubt escape occasionally, but they seem to be quite rare. So it's also conceivable that this alleged hybrid is the product of a natural mating between a raccoon dog (which could not find a mate of its own kind) and a native red fox.Residents of Blackpool, U.K. for a dog which looks strikingly like a raccoon. Michael McKenna’s pet raccoon dog, Kekei, went missing in Stanley Park, and McKenna is worried that people will think she’s a raccoon or other wild animal.The RSPCA warning comes after , when a stray raccoon dog was found hiding in a garden near Boston, Lincolnshire, a town on the east coast of England. It is also issued in response to the growing popularity of keeping raccoon dogs as pets in the U.K.Again, it is important to remember that a raccoon is a wild animal and given to instincts of their natural world. As a result, treating your raccoon just as you would a dog or a cat, allowing them to just lay around the house, will not work well. A raccoon that is treated like any other house pet is a bored raccoon, one that will find himself in trouble a lot.Recent calls from the RSPCA for the sale of Raccoon Dogs in the UK to be banned amid sporadic reports of some living wild in the country, has once again put invasive species back in the spotlight. This charismatic canid has gained a loyal following, primarily due to its endearing appearance, and can be bought online for as little as £150 – currently making it flavour of the month as an exotic pet. Whether it’s the sale online, or otherwise, of a popular exotic animal that soon becomes unwanted due to its acute unsuitability as a pet; or escapees from a wildlife park or zoo – the pattern of events is depressingly familiar and often ends in a cull instead of capture.Since the little bundle of fur was abandoned by her mother, Kemp and her daughter adopted the raccoon and raised her as a pet alongside their dogs, Toffee and Oreo.