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Mar 26, 2016 - Not only do commercial dog treats contain high amounts of sugar, but they ..
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I bought a package of Pupperoni Dog Treats for my furry little friend and I completely regret doing so. The treats had a strong beef smell that my pet loved, but they looked really greasy. My dog loved them but, it made him have the runs after just one. I went online and found out there was a previous recall for them. Needless to say i tossed them out and found him a new healthier treat.
Pup-Peroni Lean Beef Flavor Dog Treats. 5 reviews. Our Price: $13.99 Reg. Price : $25.99. Savings: $12.00 (Save 46%). Free shipping on all orders $49+.
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I used to give these to my previous dog. She loved them. I never bothered reading the label. I read the labels at the recommendation of my current dog's rescue shelter. I will not give him these. Onions are toxic to dogs, so why use onion powder, even if in small amounts? Corn syrup? Beef bi-products? There are healthier, affordable options for equally tasty, soft treats on this web site. If you chose to feed this to your dog, please cut them into small pieces--about the size of a pencil eraser-- so your dog gets the flavor without all the calories. Your dog likes these for the flavor, not to feel full. My dog was able to swallow a stick of this in 2 seconds, so it is a better treat from the dog's perspective to have more than one tiny treat than one whole stick of Pup-peroni. Dog Treat Reviews - Pup-Peroni
Photo provided by FlickrWe wanted to start with the more popular brands found at the “Big Box” and Walmart type stores
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Pup-Peroni dogs treats are some of my dogs' favorites. I have two small shih-tzus who although look small, love to eat, eat, and eat! I love that my dogs can enjoy these treats and that I feel good about giving these treats to them as well. The treats are easy to split in half to prevent overeating and give them each a little snack during the day. I would recommend these treats to other dogs lovers, family, and friends. Pup-Peroni's products are reasonably priced, are a great value, and now have more variety in flavor for their treats. I can see myself purchasing these dog treats again for my dogs because they love them and I love to see them happy :) I also recommend these treats to anyone with dogs that are picky and will only eat a small few brands of treats. Pup-Peroni is a quality brand, has great flavor for your dog(s) to enjoy, and is at a price that can work for many families. Glad I was able to write this review and I hope many more people (and dogs) get to experience what Pup-Peroni treats brings to their everyday lifestyle.