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You do not have to be a professional trainer to enroll in the Dog Trainer Professional program, but we do expect program candidates to have good skills in general dog handling and management, and, ideally, to have some hands-on experience with clicker training. If you need to gain additional experience, completion of the course fulfills the dog experience prerequisite. If you are not sure which course is right for you, .
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There are many schools/academies that they offer courses that they last much less. Our aim is to prepare you to be PROFESSIONAL. We strongly believe that in our days there is no other way for success. The times that people were becoming dog trainers by just reading a book or experiencing alone and with no knowledge and ruining client’s dogs belong to the past. On today’s market there is place only for PROFESIONALS. Our long years experience told us that no trainer could be trained in a few weeks course. Curriculum Details – Professional Dog Trainer Course
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The Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program takes an innovative approach to developing and supporting outstanding positive reinforcement trainers who teach the general public. Our course combines online learning with hands-on teaching from some of the most experienced teachers in the field. Graduates become part of a community of trainers who demonstrate a consistent level of excellence and represent themselves and the Karen Pryor Academy name proudly.If you want to become a dog trainer, Raising Canine's course is an in-depth course that has all the right ingredients for you to become a certified, cutting-edge professional dog trainer in the fast-growing industry of animal training. The Course is self-paced and remote, so you can work on it when it's convenient for you. And, the best news is that it's very reasonably priced!At e-Training for Dogs, Inc. we are seeking “specialized” accreditation wherever and whenever we can find a legitimate accrediting body. Unfortunately, there are not many legitimate specialized accrediting agencies in the canine professions. For example, our Therapy Dog I course is recognized by the Council of Certified Pet Dog Trainers. It counts for 5 CEU’s if you are a CPDT. We have several other examples, dependent on the specialization area. Another is the Canine Massage Therapy program through Treetops in Canada. Watch for the accreditations on various Diplomas.CATCH is proud that our Academy and Program are recipients of a Certificate of Approval from the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The CATCH Professional Dog Trainer Course is available to you across the United States. Our headquarters are based in Little Falls, NJ.Students who have taken the (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) exam, passed with an average score of 90%. Even more impressive, they passed the learning theory section of the course with an average score of 91%! Learning theory is the area dog trainers struggle with the most – and 32% of the CPDT exam is on learning theory.This course is divided into several modules. Each module has textbooks and homework assignments. Many of the assignments are practical – for instance, you will develop a curriculum which you will be able to use when you begin teaching classes as a Professional Dog Trainer and you'll develop handouts that you will be able to use in your dog training practice. The information you learn from this course will qualify you to become a certified dog trainer.