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Satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew with a Cadet Gourmet Pressed Rawhide Dog Bone. These bones are 100% natural, made from tightly compressed layers of top-quality rawhide for a flavor dogs crave. The pressed rawhide lasts twice as long as regular rawhide for an economical way to keep your pup occupied and off your furniture. Even better, these treats promote tartar control and healthy teeth and gums while your dog chews to his heart’s content. Your heavy-chewing furry friend will spend hours gnawing at this yummy treat.
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Research has shown that chewing rawhide helps clean teeth and can reduce the development of dental disease, and rawhide treats are much less likely than bones or hooves to damage a dog's teeth. And chewing rawhide is fun for most dogs. There are, however, a few risks to keep in mind. Natures Choice Natural Pressed Rawhide Bones for Dogs, 6-1/2-Inch: Pressed bone is 100-percent all natural rawhide with no additives or preservatives.
Photo provided by Flickr6 results - Pressed Rawhide Bones & Treats. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs of all ages and sizes; it helps them relieve boredom as well as provides numerous dental benefits. If your dog loves to chew, then he or she will go crazy for compressed rawhide bones.
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Compressed rawhide is a good chew treat choice for dogs who are aggressive chewers. Compressed rawhide bones last longer and deter dogs from biting off and swallowing small bits of rawhide. Compressed rawhide lasts three to five times longer than regular rawhide.The answer to this question depends on the individual dog. Rawhide bones should be considered the same as snacks...even if they aren't bad in moderation they still aren't great, nutritionally speaking. Some dogs do fine with rawhides. Some dogs will eat them so quickly that they ingest large chunks, which can cause vomiting or worse, swell inside the GI tract and cause an obstruction or get stuck in the throat and cause choking. For dogs like this, rawhide can be deadly. Some dogs are ok with some kinds of rawhides but not others. My dogs will swallow large chunks of regular rawhide (flips or bagels or bones) and vomit, but they have no problems with compressed rawhide (the kind that is compressed into a very tight, compact shape, usually a bone). I never give them munchie rawhide (the kind that is broken into small chunks and pressed together into shapes) because they give my dogs diarrhea. The key with rawhide is to know your dog. If your dog is the kind to chew things slowly, then rawhides once or twice a year would be fine. If your dog is the kind who inhales everything you give them, then rawhide could be very bad for them. ALWAYS supervise your dog very closely the first few times you give them a new toy or chew. ALL toys and chews can be dangerous if given to the wrong dog. Even kongs can be chewed into small pieces that present choking/obstruction hazards if given to a very aggressive chewer.Cadet Pressed Bones are premium rawhide treats for dogs.
Long lasting chew helps satisfy the dogs natural need to chew, as well as promotes healthy teeth and gums.
Also helps with tartar control.
Made with rawhide.After reading how both old dogs and young can die from it, I will no longer be giving them any rawhide dog bones. I liked the pressed rawhide because they didn't seem to choke on it like the softer white rawhide bones/chews, however it obviously is WAY too much for their system to digest.