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No ratings for this one yet, though it is fairly new. H-E-B is a grocery store chain that is very prominent in Texas (kind of the Texas version of Publix) and is a favorite of locals. They have been offering many store brand natural/organic products of high quality over the years, and have recently introduced their own brand of premium dog food called “Heritage Ranch”. This line is grain free, with no artificial colors or flavors. There is no review on this site yet, but I was wondering if anyone had experience with this food? If not, maybe someone knowledgeable could take a look at the list of ingredients and let me know what you think?
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I am debating changing my dogs food to either Whole Earth Farms adult formula or Premium Edge chicken. I read on WEF that a couple of reviewers say that is “grain heavy.” Which food has a higher meat content? Comparing the protein, fat and carbs table, they all look pretty close in comparison with the exception of carbs. Just curious if there is a difference in meat content. Sportmix Premium Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls
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IAMS in the white bag (Premium Protection) came highly recommended by a longtime Beagler friend and mentor, and as I was seeing reviews for the senior formula that specifically mentioned it being helpful for dogs with back problems, I decided to give it a try. Since it’s been about 3yrs since any of my dogs have touched kibble, I introduced the IAMS gradually. I literally gave this dog about a dozen or so pieces of kibble with her A.M. chicken drumstick, and a few hours later, I was astonished to learn that my boyfriend, who was a bit skeptical of my choice to try a senior dog food to help with mobility, had not only been able to walk her outside, she willingly went up/down the stairs.I just want to add to a review of Premium Protection Dog Food Senior that my dog is 12 and been on this food about a year. His last checkup was great. I asked the doc, do I need vitamins? He said, no, blood work looks great and he is a very healthy looking 12 year old dog. No way to tell if the dog food is completely the reason but it couldn’t hurt. He does get a lot of exercise too.
Thanks for listeningI just ordered a couple of bags of the Premium Edge Adult Chicken, Rice & Vegetables Formula Dry Dog Food. The biggest factor was the price. 4.5 stars for under $1 a pound delivered is hard to beat. It would be nice if this site listed the approximate price per pound of reviewed foods.This food is garbage. The first 5 ingredients of your dogs food should be free of grains and actual meats! Never should you feed a by-product and a meat meal like chicken or beef meal aren’t much better. We just adopted an American bulldog who is on this food and his previous owner couldn’t figure out his skin issues. After looking at the ingredients of his food I immediately identified the problem. Even though it’s grain free, this is absolutely not a suitable food for dogs prone to sensitives and allergies. Feed what you will, but dog owners need to do some research. It is possible to feed premium at a fair price if you can’t first feed raw.This is (IMO) a premium dog food in all aspects. I previously used O.N.E and first tried the Publix brand about 3 months ago. It passes muster in all areas for what I look for for my dog. There is NO NEED to pay extreme prices for high end dog food unless your vet tells you your pet has special needs. I will not feed my dog crappy food either…ever! My dog loves this df and is doing great on it. Her stool is always what you desire to see (ok…maybe ‘desire’ is not the best word), firm Tootsie Roll like pieces, never runny. Her coat shines and her energy is great. She is 3 years old. It is about time someone gave the high dollar dog dining duncecaps a lesson! Publix has! So before you buy your next bag, you may wish to reconsider. Go to Public website and look up the comparison chart they have with all the high end df’s. So if saving about three dollars is something you would actually like when you buy your next bag of dog food, and to know you’re not sacrificing quality to save that three dollars, give this stuff a try. Beth – You were already feeding some homemade food, so the next best thing for your dogs, especially since you ‘don’t care about the cost’, is to feed all REAL FOOD to your dogs, preferably with organic ingredients. Check out some of the premade raw dog foods that Mike has reviewed: