Positive Dog Training: What Does The Term Really Mean?

Characteristics of positive dog training
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All living things repeat behaviors that are rewarded, and because food is a powerful reward to your dog, it is a highly effective training tool and speeds learning. Preventing treat dependence is part of a positive training program. After initial learning has been achieved, use the following methods to supplement the occasional food reward:
Positive dog training benefits:
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Those who are reticent to hire a dog trainer sometimes resist due to a feeling that their money would be better spent on other dog-related products or activities. In most cases, however, the financial investment in positive professional dog training services early in a dog's life almost always saves time, effort, money and sometimes even heartache in the long run. As is the case with all good training techniques, the sooner you develop essential communication skills and behavioral building blocks, the less likely you'll be to encounter serious behavior issues you can't manage. Force-free, positive dog training in Rockville, MD
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This site is packed full of positive reinforcement dog training techniques that will help solve your dog training problems. Take a positive approach to your dog training and it will become both an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. As you build the relationship with your dog, you'll find dog training gets easier and easier.Unlike traditional style training, Positive K9 customizes each and every training program due to the various canine types. During this visit we help you prioritize both long and short term training goals, and also perform a series of personality and temperament tests so that we may select a method of training that best suite you and your dog. At this time you will also receive a series of training exercises using canine psychology that are appropriate for your dogs personality to begin at home.
Every dog is an individual and all dog owners have goals and expectations that vary. This evaluation will give you the insight and proper tools to manage your dog’s specific needs for years to come.Positive Approach is a local small business that has been in the dog training and daycare business for 20 years. We are the #1 vet-referred training center in the Tacoma area and pride ourselves on providing a safe, well-staffed daycare floor. We invite you to come down with your furry kid and see the Positive Approach difference.
Erin was first introduced to Polite Pooches when she brought her puppy, Brody, to Puppy Playtime. After taking Brody through Basic and Intermediate Obedience, where Brody earned his AKC CGC, Erin became a part of the Polite Pooches team. Erin has a degree from Towson University in Animal Behavior. Most of her training experience has been with exotic animals, including training and working with the chimps and lemurs at the Maryland Zoo as a zoo keeper and a year long internship at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL She utilized positive reinforcement training methods with the primates and big cats, just like we do when working with our dogs! . In addition to assisting and teaching our Puppy Right Start, Basic Obedience and Intermediate Obedience group classes, Erin is works as a trainer for the Maryland SPCA and she recently became a Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT) through Pat Miller’s Peaceable Paws Training Academy in Fairplay, MD. Erin is available for in-home,private training and day training in and near Harford County. She is also a great cat/kitten trainer & behavior consultant!
What is "Positive" Dog Training?

If you have been researching dog training classes lately, you have undoubtedly come across a number of very confusing terms used to describe different "dog schools" and the types of training methods used. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, correction, punishment, behavior modification, conditioned reinforcer, dominance theories, etc. It's a wonder our dogs are able to learn anything at all.At kona's touch, we advocate force-free training. Whatever you call it, the goal is to foster a kind and gentle environment with our dogs. Positive training is a phrase that is overused, becoming controversial and misunderstood. Let me explain what we at kona's touch mean by "positive training".