American pocket bully "Diesel" 11 weeks

American Bully Brindle Female Pocket size Paco, Excalibur, Tunechiee blood RAZORSEDGE
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General Appearance – The American Pocket Bully (AB) is compact, powerful, muscular, massive with an emphasis on muscle mass, substance, girth and with heavy bone. The AB is a powerful, athletic, intelligent, solidly built, short-coated dog with extraordinary bone, muscle mass and muscle definition.
American Pocket Bully .Short Staxx
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From looking at facebook, seems like Jose Lopez came up with the idea becaue of his female (don't know her name) and a few dogs off of Max that were on the smaller side. Someone can copy and paste the pics onto here if they care enough .

Either way it seems like it will not be moving forward based on the FB chatter. If it was just "Pocket Bulldog" instead of "Pocket American Bulldog" I don't think it would be absolutely horrible, although I am not a fan. I think you would just end up with a bunch of crappy crossbred dogs after a few years which is what happened with the pocket bullies.

I think the idea is an effort to stir up interest in the breed again outside of the core fanciers - i.e., pet home puppy buyers.

Is this the beginning of the end for the American Bulldog? It was for the APBT imo. American Pocket Bully. ..Short Staxx
Photo provided by FlickrAmerican pocket rocket Bully , short in stature gigantic in strength.
Photo provided by FlickrAmerican Pocket Bully's Blue Female 5 Week's Old!
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Like other of this breed it is another amended version of the original American Bully Standard. It shares physical traits common to other Bully’s, but in terms of height the Bully Pocket is shorter and more compact compared to the other breeds. This Bully has been specifically breed for Bully dog owners who want a small and compact size Bully that looks cute as well as being a dog fit for a person with an average lifestyle.Located in Southern California, Ed Shepherd has established a worldwide recognized name breeding American Bullies since 2001. Ed is the Original Gottyline, owner of Champion Gottyline's 21 BlackJack, the first dog registered with UKC as Gottyline and the winningest dog in Gottyline history. Ed is also the breeder and owner of - the most sought after American Bully in the world. DAX is the ideal extreme pocket American Bully.
If you are looking for an exceptional Bully in every way, there is none better than the new DaxLine of American Bullies. If you want the best, come to the Source! Ed Shepherd's new DaxLine, from the creator of the Original Gottyline. • The pocket pitbull is a crossbreed that is quickly becoming a favored alternative to the full-sized American pitbull terrier. Individuals who seek the pocket pitbull are usually those who like the temperament, athleticism, and body style of the traditional pitbull without the massive size. Although the pocket pitbull is nowhere near being pocket-sized, it is significantly smaller than the parent breed which makes it a good choice for individuals who are looking for a compromise in the pitbull breed with a less intimidating stature. The following sections serve as a guide to this crossbreed and provide unbiased information regarding this miniaturized breed.The body must be small and compact with heavy muscles and bulk. The American Bully Pocket looks short but it gives people a sense that it has great power for a dog of its size small. Chest features should not be exaggerated. A deep, well filled and broad chest must be the dog’s chest feature. It must also have a barrel chest that looks well-rounded that helps in giving the impression that the Bully dog is powerful. Tail should be medium in size that tapers to a fine point and set low in the rear.