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Tartar, Plaque, & Bad Breath Control Peppermint Dental Spray for Dogs
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When your dog’s teeth are not brushed regularly they are prone to plaque and tartar formation, which causes bad breath. With a dog dental spray, all it takes is a couple of sprays in your dog’s mouth and that’s it. You don’t need to brush his teeth or do anything else. The formula in the dog dental spray will mix with the dog’s saliva and work its magic.
Plus unlike other mouth sprays, Plaque Blast is 100% alcohol-free and safe for your pets. Alcohol can harmful and bad for dogs and cats.
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Plaque Blast says that it will clean a dog or cat’s teeth and freshen breath in 30 days (brushing also recommended). I honestly won’t do the brushing but I will attempt to do the spray 3 times a day. I will try to document the progress as we spray along because I’ve been looking for something that will kill my little dog’s breath and the plaque buildup without torturing him with a toothbrush or the dentist. Plaque Attack | Reviews | Dental Spray for Dogs & Cats
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• Using TruDog's Spray Me for dogs and cats every day helps freshen breath while controlling plaque, tartar, and bacteria. All of this while also …Plaque Attack Triple care dental spray DOES WORK. It is the only plaque control for dogs that I have found that does work. My only problem is finding Plaque Attack where I live. Yes, I can order it on line at a number of different places from $9.00 to $24.00 for a 2.2 oz. bottle. However the shipping is outrages. Most of the online sites that sale Plaque Attack charge more then a local store plus they add twice the price for shipping. I had to pay $21.00 for a $9.00, 2.2oz. bottle the last time I ordered it. I would like to be able to find it locally or find a place to order it where the shipping was reasonable.Plaque Attack is the triple care dental spray for dogs and cats of all sizes. Spray away your pet’s plaque, tartar and bad breath. Plaque Attack is all natural and perfectly safe. It uses only all natural human grade ingredients which safely combine with saliva to break up bacteria, plaque, and tartar which cause bad breath and gum disease.This probiotic anti-plaque spray keeps your dog's mouth balanced and healthy by reducing plaque-causing bacteria, which can cause bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections and heart disease.

This spray contains over 14 strains of probiotics that replenish the good bacteria in your pet's mouth to reduce plaque and tarter. Liquid probiotics are superior as they allow for faster and better absorption into the body.

The probiotics are produced through a natural fermentation process using only natural substances, free from added fluoride, detergents, synthetic flavors, colors or preservatives. A mixture of herbs and botanics provides long lasting freshness. The spray is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified (Non-GMO).I am not a vet or professional animal health care person. However I have used Plaque Attack on my dogs for 11 years with no problems. No health issues, dental problems or any type of illness. My dogs have always been healthy. Your recommendations of taking the pets to a vet may be more dangers for some dogs. The vet sedates the animal in order to clean there teeth, so the dog doesn’t bite the vet. The sudation can kill some dogs. Like the pug nose ones with really small air ways. You also recommended giving them a biscuit. I have given my dogs every type of dental biscuit & stick that is made, NONE of them work plus some of them made some of my dogs sick. I highly recommend Plaque Attack Triple care dental spray for dogs. I have never tried it on cats. My cats somehow keep there teeth clean all by them self. I check there teeth often & have never had to clean them with anything.Petkin Plaque Spray for Dogs & Cats provides an easy way to clean teeth, gums, plaque and tartar, while freshening your pet's breath. Simply spray into your pet's mouth around teeth and gums and see results after a few uses! No brushing or rinsing is required. Petkin Plaque Spray is easy to use and tastes great! For dogs and cats 6 weeks and up. Made in USA.