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We've been testing a new dog harness for dog sports at Mighty Mite Dog Gear - and we're sold! So many dog harness still require the handler to pull the harness over the dog's neck. For dogs who have shoulder and neck problems, this just aggravates the situation and negates the whole reason you are using a harness instead of a slip lead! Other harnesses have so many buckles and require you do a gymnastic routine with your dog just to get the thing off that the judge and the ring crew are rolling their eyes at you before you've even stepped up to the start line! Voila! Enter the Petego Airness Harness (comes with a smooth nylon lead!). Our poodle, Phoebe, has been using this harness at agility trials for the past few months. The easy step in, step out style is a snap. It's stretchy fabric is super comfortable and does not catch her coat (we've had a lot of problems with slip leads catching ear hair). It's attractive, well made and yet lightweight .
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Here at Xtra Dog we also design walking harnesses as well as importing from the USA working harnesses specifally designed to encourage dogs to pull. For sledding, scootering, tracking, Cani-X (cross-country running with a dog), skijoring, bikejoring or roller blading it is essential to have the dog leaning forward and pulling into the harness. Pam Beckstrom from Adanac Sleds in the US, whose company designed the traditional X-Back harness (a standard for sledding sports and commonly used for Cani-X ) explains:

“It was over fifty years ago that Mel Fishback Riley, former Californian and a true Montanan, started designing and making the X-Back harnesses for racing, training with skis or bike,lead dog training and pleasure use. She started out making five types of X-Backs and laboriously hand-stitched freight and weight-pulling harnesses.
“In the beginning, Fishback did not have access to fleece padding so she used airline blanket seconds and mattress pad scraps on all her harnesses. She insisted on acrylic woven blankets because she said they held up better.”

The X-Back fits snugly around the neck of the dog and forms an 'X' across the dog’s back. The point of contact is at the base of the tail so it will encourage the dog to pull into the harness, thus making it ideal for any dog involved in pulling sports.
An X-Back is unsuitable for use on pets because they should only be used when the dog is going to run and not as an everyday harness. Here at Xtra Dog, our own dogs (Mischief, dalmatian, and Arapahoe, husky) are both pets as well as sledding dogs – they know when they see the X-back come out that we are off to pull – they start jumping about with excitement. However, they also know that when they wear a walking harness the job in hand is completely different. PetSafe Surefit Dog Harness 38 Petite Dusty Rose -- Visit the image link more details.
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Photo provided by PexelsEasy Walk Petite Dog Harness - Free Shipping
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8in 12in Adjustable Collar Pink, 2 12 lbs Dog By Majestic Pet Products *** Trust me, this is great! Click the image. : Collars, Harnesses and LeashesAnd now the Easy Walk Harness is available in a new "Tweener" size: - petite/small. Designed to fit dogs whose girth and chest proportions do not fit within the other 5 traditional sizes, this"Tweener" size bridges the gap. Dogs with especially broad or narrow chests may get a more accurate fit with Tweeners. The P/S size accommodates dogs with girth measurements of 14"-18"The petite harness is designed specifically to keep your 8-15lb dog not only stylish, but also comfortable. The soft reflective chest strap sits in the middle of your dog's chest, providing support while allowing him the freedom to move comfortably. The girth is made from ultra soft webbing and sits back from the armpit to provide stability to the saddle as well as keep your dog level if you have to lift him up in a quick hug. The saddle has a reflective trim for easy visibility and is made of a soft flexible cordura that enables it to form to your four legged friend's unique body style. The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness is easy to fit, easy to use and stops leash pulling quickly and comfortably, without choking your pet. Dogs and their owners love it!The Gentle Leader® Easy Walk™ Harness is easy to fit, easy to use and stops leash pulling quickly and comfortably, without choking your pet. Dogs and their owners love it!We like this well-designed, well-made harness a lot. Made by Blue-9 Pet Products, it offers two nice, large rings as attachment points, one in the front and one on the back, and adjusts in six places – more than any of the other products we reviewed. Every single strap that connects one piece of hardware to another adjusts individually: the left and right sides of the neck, the left and right sides of the chest, as well as the straps that connect the “collar” of the harness to the “girth” (one on the back of the dog’s neck and one that goes between his front legs); this enables an owner to get the fit just right.