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Design pet relief areas in airport terminals with safe, indoor-friendly artificial grass for dogs.
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Global Syn-Turf artificial grass for dogs and pets areas eliminates mud in your yard year round, which means more fun in the yard for you and your pets.
Keep your pooch going on the green with Petco’s fake and artificial grass potty pads for dogs.
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I agree with your reasons to not buy indoor grass for your pets. It would be stupid and as noted above lazy for a person to allow their dogs to go to the bathroom in the house on any surface. However, I started researching grass boxes for my balcony (not for indoor use!) for my dogs to use because the pet owners in my condo complex are lazy and don’t pick up after their dogs. I have one dog who was constantly getting sick with major illnesses. I spent about $4,000 in hospital stays, vet appointments and medication to figure out what the problem was. Come to find out, due to inconsiderate pet owners in my neighborhood not picking up after their dogs, Roxy (my Boston Terrier) was getting intestinal infections by the bacteria found in the feces left on the ground by other dogs. There are dog stations set up all throughout our complex that tenants still (out of laziness) do not use. Out of frustration and the fear of loosing my dog to another illness, I have come to the conclusion that using a “dog box” may be the best way to keep my dogs healthy and avoid ruining more of my carpet and shoes by tracking dog crap throughout my home and car. My dogs get walked every day and have plenty of room to run around the house to play and exercise so I think using a dog box for this situation would be understandable. Improve the comfort of pet-patients at veterinary clinics with clean, inviting artificial grass for dogs.
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EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs, with its revolutionary drainage capabilities, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners. Because of its unmatched artificial dog grass durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy.When it comes to artificial grass for dogs, there is no better and safer solution than Global Syn-Turf's pet grass. We use Flo-Rite-Thru technology to manufacture ideal solutions for pet owners. Our turf provides the ideal drainage to allow pet's urine flow through the grass' backing quickly leaving no odor behind.EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs has an industry leading, proprietary 100% permeable, non absorbent backing making it the ideal solution for pets.The word is getting out, and excitement and euphoria are spreading as pet care facility owners realize there is a “green” solution to many of their grass-related and surfacing problems. Along with the exuberance is typically a flurry of questions: What exactly is artificial/synthetic grass? Does it grow? Do dogs like it? Don’t they tear it up? How do you keep it clean? What happens to the dog waste? How is it installed? Is it for indoor use or outdoor use? Is it expensive? What is the benefit to me? Since there are often many questions, let’s start at the beginning with the basics.XGrass Pet Solutions System is specifically designed synthetic turf made for pets. With TruFlo backing and installation, a unique infill system and proven odor treatment, it is quickly becoming the leading artificial grass for dogs on the market. The primary concern in addressing urine damage to lawns is minimizing the nitrogen concentration added to the lawn at any single time. Female dogs, being less likely to urine mark and more likely to squat, are the primary culprits of lawn damage since they will urinate anywhere on a lawn and usually all at once. This results in a single nitrogen dump confined to a small patch of grass. The brown spot that results will often have a green ring around the outside. The nitrogen overload at the center causes the burn, but as the urine is diluted toward the periphery, it has a fertilizer effect. This characteristic brown spot, green ring pattern has been called "female dog spot disease" by some horticulturists. As might be expected, lawns are most susceptible to nitrogen burns when standard fertilizers are maximized in the lawn. Homeowners making the extra effort to have a green lawn may be quite discouraged by their neighbor’s dog damage or their own housepet’s potty residue.