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Personalized Military Dog Tags at Personal Creations
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Whether it's for guys from the military, their friends and family who want to show their support, or just tough guys with hardcore personalities, custom dog tags for men are an awesome way to show off a guy's manliness.
Our personalized military dog tags are for sale to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reservists and ...
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We offer not only personalized pet tags, but we also have medical ID tags, name tags, military dog tags, cat tags, luggage tags, bookmarks, etc. You can choose different kinds of metal materials from colored aluminum pet tags, stainless steel tags, gold plated, nickel plated tags, or elegant high-quality Rhodium plated tags. We are proud to announce that we sell Metaza Photo ID tags or personalized photo tags . A picture of your pet and/or the owner can be permanently imprinted beautifully on the tag. This will make a great gift idea for your friends and family. In Sept 2013, we have launched premium designer pet tags art (+ your own image), and QR ID tags (+ free profile pet online). Engraved Dog Tag, personalized dog tag, Necklace, dog tags, military, custom, stocking stuffer, groomsman, best man, girlfriend, boyfriend
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Military Dog Tags provide the maximum amount of space for personalization. In addition, Military Dog Tags are great for special groups who want to have a custom design. Best of all, Military Dog Tags can be used for identification in several ways. Common uses include personal ids, medical ids, pet ids, key ids, luggage ids, backpack ids and more!Our Military Dog Tags come standard with a 24 inch stainless steel ball chain. We offer a 30 inch stainless steel ball chain or a 30 inch stainless steel endless curb link chain as an upgrade option for a small additional cost. For Military Dog Tags being given as a gift, we offer a black velvet gift bag as an optional add on. Our tags are normally engraved horizontal and centered. If you would like a vertical setting or another personalized customization, please or call us with your request.Our Military Dog Tags are made from engravable stock metals. Engravable stock metal is thicker than the metal used for tags that are embossed. The thickness of the metal allows for engraved designs and engraved personalization on opposite sides without distorting the tag. Traditional engraving lasts longer than laser engraving. Laser engraving marks the surface by burning away a surface coating to produce the personalization. Traditional engraving cuts into the metal to produce the personalization for a longer lasting Military Dog Tag.You can get a pair of your very own personalized military dog tags! You can get any text you want, on BOTH tags! Just click on your favorite tag style to the right to add your custom text and to choose your free silencers. Also, don't forget, that price includes free shipping! Click here to see our shipping policies!Our quality Military Dog Tags are made from durable premium grade stainless steel (SS), solid brass (BR) and colored anodized aluminum (AL). The Military Dog Tags are professionally personalized providing you with maximum wearing time without loss of information through use. We have several unique styles of Military Dog Tags available for you to choose from and all styles of Military Dog Tags come with a 24 inch stainless steel ball chain.Whether you're an Army Wife or a Military Brat, show your support with a set a of military style dogtags. Put the text SUPPORT OUR TROOPS on one of your dogtags and get a 25% discount! We are the only dogtag manufacturer who offer the ★ ARMY ★ star symbol!

Do you have a soldier in your family? Are you looking for a way to display your pride for your military family member? Wearing your own set of custom dog tags is a wonderful way to show your support for their service. Our dog tags are perfect for a military wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, partner, and more. Design a set of two dog tags with any text that you want. Wear them together, give one to your military loved one, put one on a keychain -- there are plenty of options for how you can use your uniquely designed set of two dog tags.

Although dog tags originally started out as a way to identify soldiers, today many wives wear them in honor of their servicemen, both at home and deployed. These dog tags are anything but plain. You can design a message and style that fits your personality as a military wife. Because you can customize your dog tags with your choice of rubber silencer in a wide variety of colors and patterns, they can be a great accessory to an outfit. Your dog tag order comes with one set of silencers included, but feel free to order additional silencers in different colors so that you can change them whenever you want. Or you can choose black and yellow silencers to represent Army black and gold.