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We strongly believe the models above are the only ones worth your money. We could easily review 20 different models from a bunch of fence manufacturers, though we feel it would be a waste of both your and our time. Quality wireless technology is expensive and hard to come by. Other dog fences not mentioned here have not only serious signal instability issues; they also have unstable receivers, which often fail to deliver a correction when required and – even worse – they deliver the correction accidentally, without your dog even approaching the perimeter of its play zone. We honestly believe we’d be doing both you and your pets injustice by even referencing any models other than the best three reviewed above. Please read the next section for more information on this.
Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar (High) Review.
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I like the idea of wireless, but this wireless dog fence did not work at all. As the reviewers above note it drops out and starts beeping a lot, scaring the hell out of the dog and me! This happens even in plain sight. I called Perimeter Wifi and they were nice, but could not fix the problem. Perimeter Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence Review| Check Discounts
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Photo provided by FlickrJump to Perimeter Technologies WiFi Wireless Fence - The Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews & Guide. The PetSafe Wireless Containment System PIF-300– Best Wireless Dog Fence (Editors Choice) Havahart Radial Wireless System– Wireless Dog Fence For Medium Sized Dogs. Havahart Radial Wireless System– Wireless Dog Fence For Small Dogs. Perimeter Technologies WiFi Wireless Fence.
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Thanks for adding your positive experience with the system. We have tried newer versions of the Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence, and found the updated software did not make much difference. You may be on an even newer version than we have seen – but none of the software upgrades we have seen since the time of the original review has changed our recommendation.We have purchased this product ( Perimeter Wire Free WiFi Fence ) for our dog.
Setting up is not that bad once you get the hang of how to do it, did not like the fact that the boundary is in a circle which went into our front yard, but we managed. For the first week we thought it was pretty good, our dog would hear the beep and run on the back deck, as long as he was on a leash he would respond. The first time we took him off the leash he ran right through the boundary and got shocked but kept running. We knew we had more training to do with him. After 2 weeks the unit would not even shock him and the batteries would not keep a charge, so we sent it back and recieved a new system. We have had the new system for a week and a half now and the new system is not working now. It beeps, charges the batteries but does not shock him, he has even went past the boundary with the colar beeping a just laid down. I have just contacted the company for a full refund. I can not see spending $300.00 for this product and have noting but problems and not working for us. I am looking now for another way to find something else for our dog. I have been reading many reviews on different products wire less and wire fences, only to see many bad reviews with the same problem I am having with this product ! Might just save up for a fence atleast I know that to work ! This product is not worth the money just a bunch of headache.I have two dogs a 20 lb miniature schnauzer and a 23 lb boston terrier mix, I really only need the system for the mini schnauzer. I am torn between the perimeter system for the collar design and the innotek 2100. My neighbor has the invisible fence system installed but only a small portion of our yard in connected. I can’t find many reviews on the perimeter system. Can you give me more info?