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Pedigree Little Champions Healthy Maturity Morsels in Sauce with Chicken Rice Food for Senior Dogs
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Your senior dog deserves a tasty, balanced meal that's prepared specially for them. Every bag of PEDIGREE Active Senior Roasted Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Dog Food is formulated with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E antioxidants to help support your older dog's heart, mind and immune system. PEDIGREE Active Senior Dog Food also contains chondroitin and glucosamine to support their joints for healthy mobility. Give your companion a delicious oral-care kibble that helps them look and feel their best.

PEDIGREE® Active Senior Roasted Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Flavor is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.
Contains one (1) 3.5-lb. bag of PEDIGREE Small Dog Healthy Longevity Grilled Salmon, Rice and Vegetable Flavor Dog Food for Senior
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Mature dogs crave the taste of real meat. That's why PEDIGREE LITTLE CHAMPIONS Senior Complete With Lamb and Rice Dog Food is designed just for older dogs. LITTLE CHAMPIONS Wet Dog Food provides a savory, meaty dinner in a FLAVOR-LOCK Pouch that seals in flavor. With all of the essential nutrients required for healthy joints and a beautiful skin and coat, ou Contains one (1) 3.5-lb. bag of PEDIGREE Small Dog Healthy Longevity Grilled Salmon, Rice and Vegetable Flavor Dog Food for Senior
Photo provided by FlickrContains one (1) 3.5-lb. bag of PEDIGREE Small Dog Healthy Longevity Grilled Salmon, Rice and Vegetable Flavor Dog Food for Senior
Photo provided by FlickrPedigree Active Senior Roasted Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog Food, 3.5-lb bag; Add some love and care to every bite wit
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The main reason for a dog not eating a food is because of the taste. When switching any type of food it is important to slowly introduce it. Start by using 1/3 pedigree senior and 2/3 pedigree adult for a few days. After that increase the amount of pedigree senior every day, the switch usually takes about a week. Your dog may not like the taste at first but he will grow used to it.Sometimes dogs do get habitual to the food they have been eating for long so it is not advisable to completely stop Pedigree adult during their eating hours. I would suggest to try breaking the portions of both these foods. Start 75% of the food he likes and 25% of you would like him to try. Accordingly this varies from breeds to breeds and I would suggest you to try Pedigree senior with the bare minimum portion you can expect him to eat without any doubts. Overall dogs specially when it comes to GSD have a keen sense of smell so All The Best for convincing him / her.Pedigree adult is available in two flavors, Chicken+Vegetable and Rice+Meat. While the Pedigree senior is Chicken+Rice. Maybe your dog does not like the new flavor or the size/shape of the food pellet.The night before I had to carry him like a baby down the steps to the den and I slept with him for the last time. His healthy weight was 98 pounds...he weighed 59 that morning at his last vet visit when I let him go to be pain free! I fully blame the negligence of Pedigree for his suffering, him essentially starving alive! His will to live had taken on a whole new level, getting in the trash to stop his starving, pulling whole pizzas in the box off the counter and eating them, taking the food you're eating right out of your hand if you weren't looking! This should not be allowed to happen! Animals deserve to be fed food their humans can trust and know isn't silently killing them. I'm lucky I only lost one of my dogs, but am forever scarred by the hell my dog went through.Since no formal recalls have been issued at this point in time, our suggestion is to simply avoid all Pedigree products moving forward and switch to a safer, healthier dog food brand with a more positive track record of safety. has compiled a helpful list of its top tested dog food brands, with explanations as to how winners in each category were chosen, which you can access here:We fed our 4 month old Boston Terrier Pedigree puppy food for 3 days. On the 3rd day he began throwing up and had diarrhea. We took him to the vet on a Monday and they couldn't find anything wrong with him and sent us home. I threw away the food and started him on another brand because I suspected something was wrong with the Pedigree. By Wednesday night he could no longer walk and we took him back to the vet. He had a fever and an extremely high white blood cell count. This dog has had all his vaccinations and was previously extremely healthy and energetic. After 5 vet visits he is now on antibiotics and steroids and is trying to walk again. The ONLY thing we did differently was feed him Pedigree dog food.