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All of the Paul Newman dog foods contain certified organic vegetables and grains. The products do not contain antibiotics, hormones, chemical ingredients or artificial preservatives, colors, or additives. These ingredients are often the culprits in food allergies in dogs.
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The line has benefited from face time from its namesake, who recently endorsed the premium petfood line in a rare television appearance. Prodded by host Jay Leno and a US$10 bet on the Tonight Show, Paul Newman ate from a can of the chicken and brown rice dog food before millions of late-night viewers. Adult Dog Dry Formula | Newman's Own
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Great food, use both dry and canned. Solved my allergic dog problems. She lived a long good life after switching to Paul Newman food. Past at 13 years old. My new GSD loves it, especially the Turkey Rice mixed with Active Dry. No problems opening the cans and I have a 1970’s era Campbell Soup replica can opener. The beef canned food has a pull tab. Thanks for such a great product. i would liike to see paul newman canned food in our local grocery stores..we are retired,money real tight..but our 9yr old cockapoo has valley fever, which she takes medicine for and she will only take her pills in paul newmans turkey or chicken and rice canned food..she wont eat in pork chop or hamburger..but the closest store is over 10 miles away..and just simply cant afford to buy a case online at a time…so please put the food in a local grocery like frys or safeway, albertsons..shes my baby, and i hate putting her thru the trauma of shoving them down her throat twice a day for the rest of her life…by the way we found out about this through someone who recently had lost there little old dog and donated a couple cans to us to try..and boy did it work, and for awhile we were able to find at one of the above groceries, and now you… just cant find it..and we are having a heck of a time getting her medicine in her..and without she will not make please i beg you to put it back in grocery stores..