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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That old adage certainly applies to buying a dog online. White says the schemers typically follow the same plot line.
I didn’t know there were any dangers in buying meds for your dogs online. We never do, but I just wouldn’t have thought!
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Slice examined the state-level buying trends to find which of the 50 are most dog-loving by comparing the ratio of online shoppers who buy dog products to those who buy cat supplies. The following color-coded map shows each state’s pet preference. Albay Online Cat And Dog buy/trade/sell Public Group | Facebook
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Photo provided by FlickrBuying your dog emblem online is easy, fast, and convenient.
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Don't be fooled: Internet puppy scammers attract potential buyers with cute photos and phony promises. Hundreds of complaints are filed every year from victims who were scammed when buying a dog online—the puppy you receive may not be the puppy you agreed to buy, or you may not receive a puppy at all. Internet scams range from fake "free to good home" ads where the buyer is asked to pay for shipping, only to never see that puppy they tried to help, to breeders posing as sanctuaries or rescues, but charging upwards of $1,000 in "adoption" fees.White goes on to explain some of the common problem scenarios when buying a dog online, and outlines the must-read tips to follow if you want to avoid being scammed.Buying your dog emblem is easy, fast, and convenient. Have your vaccination documentation ready and go to to order online. Please allow 7 to 9 business days to receive your Dog License Emblem. If you need your Dog License Emblem immediately, please visit one of our .Good advise; I was almost tricked into buying a dog online till I discovered that the picture of it was pulled from an encyclopedia. So, I played along for a while, asking more information, etc. When I finally got the address to where I should send the pre-paid cards they required as payment, I said ok; I’ll have a friend stop bye and just give you cash. The dog was supposedly in Indiana and I am in New York. Well, I never heard from them again.We were in contact with a website allstarchihuahuas. com and ready to send the money. The lady at the money gram store asked us questions and we contacted the seller again. They would only take Money Gram or Western Union not Paypal or any credit card. At that point we told them we wouldn't be buying the puppy unless we could pay by credit card and they said they were having a problem with the system. I told them I would pay when they got it worked out. They had no timeline on. I went home and googled "dog breeders that only take Money gram" this is the site that came up. I did a backward search on the photo of the dog and testimonial person. They had more than one website selling the same dog same picture last year. The 2 sites I found are allstarchihuahuas. com and greenhillchuhuahuas. com this is a scam for sure. The name of the person I was to send the money to is Jamie Milles from Huston Texas. The other picture of the testimonial was stolen from a site in Canada.We make it easy to buy flea & heartworm meds for dogs online. It can be difficult and expensive to buy the dog medicine you need, but it shouldn't be that way. For dogs we sell these drugs , , , , . We also stock , and .