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Nutro Ultra Chicken, Lamb and Salmon Senior Dog Food
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I don’t work for Nutro or DogFoodAdvisor, but I do work for a small pet store that carries some select lines of Nutro. my only guess is that Nutro discontinued this line of food because it was not a big seller. they have recently revamped and changed a lot of their lines. i’m assuming this food was discontinued during that process due to lack of sales. I never heard any concerns about health issues with dogs on this food.
Nutro Max Grain Free Adult Recipe with Salmon Dry Dog Food
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I initially bought Nutro High Protein-Grain Free dog food because I had a coupon and the store had a sale so I got it at that time for a fairly good deal. It had far exceeded my expectations as I did not think my dogs would like it and they did. The ingredients are good, but most important is my dogs like and enjoy it. My dogs are very picky and will not eat if they do not get something they like. NUTRO ULTRA™ Adult Dry Dog Food Protein blend from Chicken, Lamb & Salmon ..
Photo provided by PexelsNUTRO ULTRA™ Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Protein blend from Chicken, Lamb & Salmon.
Photo provided by FlickrNUTRO ULTRA™ Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food Protein blend from Chicken, Lamb & Salmon.
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High Endurance helps my dog stay active and healthy. He loves going on walks, he runs around after me and my kids and he seems very healthy and happy. However, the dog food could have more vitamins in it and come in more flavors. Nutro could also have a buy 1 get one sale so everyone could try it and want to buy it for their dogs to keep them healthy and energetic.My dog’s are excited to be served Nutro Farm Harvest Salmon. I am about to switch them to the Lamb (I know Nutro mixes 3 animal proteins in most of their food so not truly a rotational diet). For this dog food my dog’s rush to the kitchen, beneath my feet, eager to eat. Stools are firm. No problem there.My dog was currently eating Nutro Grain Free when I adopted her. I like the brand, I like that the Nutro dog food is a good quality food, my dog seems to enjoy it. It's moderately priced and is available nearby. However, I wish the price was a little lower, I tend to buy a grain free food with a smaller price point lately at Tractor Supply. If there were more coupons or sales available I might purchase Nutro dog food more often.I was giving my dog very expensive food…about two dollars a pound. With two big dogs it got expensive. I talked to a saleslady/trainer at pet store and she said to try to Nutro..good but not as expensive. I did and should have realized that almost immediately they each were throwing up bile on average of three times a week. The vet thought it to be our town water. Gave them bottled water, gave them ice to have it not swallowed as fast…gave them smaller portions at more times a day. Nothing worked. I even gave them acid reducer pills. One day on a whim I tried a different food..maybe they didn’t have the Nutro where I stopped. I got 4health. They have not gotten sick in about two months since being on this. They were on this food at least 6 months or so and weekly of about six vomits total was way too much. Now they are totally fine.