Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls - Beef Formula Ingredients:

The Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls product line includes four dog food rolls.
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Either chop, grate, or crumbleNatural Balance Dog Food Rolls and add them to your dog's dry food. Orslice and dice them into healthy treats! Can also be served as acomplete and fully balanced meal.
Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls - Beef Formula Guaranteed Analysis:
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When I first saw Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls I was skeptical because I hadn't seen dog food presented like that before. I had no clue there were rolls of dog food! I was talking to the lady at PetCo and she highly recommended them so I gave them a try. My picky dog LOVES it!

My dog is extremely picky about his food. It is always a challenge trying to find something he will eat. I wasn't sure if he would like this product but he absolutely loves it! I chop some of it up and place it in his bowl and it is gone in a matter of minutes. He always wants more of it. Sometimes I warm it up a little bit as kind of an extra special treat.

Another great thing about this product is it is natural with high quality ingredients. Due to this, the food is a little pricey but really it's worth it. I highly recommend this dog food! My picky eater absolutely loves it.

Quality of Ingredients
High quality and natural ingredients

Flavor Selection
A lot of flavors but my dog likes the lamb and beef the best. Natural Balance Duck & Turkey Formula Dog Food Rolls,
Photo provided by FlickrNatural Balance Lamb & Chicken Formula Dog Food Rolls
Photo provided by FlickrNatural Balance Chicken Formula Dog Food Rolls
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Natural Balance® products provide all natural complete and balanced nutrition in a variety of foods, from dry, canned, dog food rolls, frozen loaves and treats.Many of Natural Balance's dry formulas maintain this initial ingredient list; others, such as the dog food rolls, include wheat flour and sugar. As of 2014, the food rolls have been reformulated to not contain wheat flour and instead utilize brown rice.Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance® Dog Food Rolls and Gourmet Treats are made of wholesome, natural ingredients. Our Dog Food Rolls have been scientifically formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to provide high quality nutrition and optimize skin and coat condition.My dog Squeaky loves the Natural Balance Duck & Potato rolls. I didn’t know anything about them until the gal at the pet store introduced me to them when I was having trouble getting Squeaky to eat after she was fixed. (She is on a grain-free diet). I also didn’t know that they can be used as treats OR food – which is great because if your dog is picky or doesn’t want to eat – believe me, she will eat this. I like to mix it in with her dry food (she eats Natural Balance grain-free Alpha and loves that as well.)I purchased the Natural Balance dog food rolls for year and my little dogs loved it. Now that the manufacturer has changed the formula my dogs won't touch it,one rolls his neck in...I, too, am very disappointed in the rolls recently. I tried them all and find the quality has declined. They crumble when cut, have a rank odor and don't look, feel or smell the same. After reading the current reviews, I am no longer going to feed my dogs this product or any from natural balance.