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Kootek Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle Paws Grooming Trimmer Clipper for Dogs and Cats
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Wahl's Premium Nail Filer is a battery operated grinder kit that is ideal for trimming, shaping and smoothing rough nails on small pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds. Now pet owners can easily achieve professional nail trimming results at home quickly and efficiently. Not recommended for use on large breed dogs or any animal with thick nails.
Because it is not a dog-specific nail grinder it can be used for other tasks around the house making this choice a great value.​
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You may be wondering about the difference between the two and why nail grinding is more expensive than a trim. For the trims, we use a scissor type nail clipper specifically designed for dogs. This is a great option to remove excess length and make the process a little quicker for a dog who may be nervous about getting his nails cut. For the grinding, we use a professional electric nail grinder to remove length and smooth out the edge of the nail. Grinding is the preferred method for getting as close as possible to the quick (the nerves and blood vessels inside the nail) without cutting it, as we are able to take off smaller amounts at a time. It also removes any sharp edges and keeps the nails nice and smooth. Before you get grinding, get the low down on how to grind your dog’s nails efficiently and effectively.
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Although the Multipro can obviously go much faster, and this is handy for other craft and tool projects, I do not go above the "2" setting on it. It's usually on the "1" or between it and the "2" setting. I would estimate this is somewhere around 5,000 to 7,500 rpms. If you use it much faster, the friction will be too great and it will get too hot for the dog's nails. If this happens, it will hurt the dog. Please note: there are other brands of grinders and similar tools. But, since I've never used them, I write from the perspective of my experience with the Dremel and its accessories only. Finally, I always keep some quick-stop styptic powder handy and some Vaseline when doing nails. The powder can be used to stop bleeding if you do nick the quick. In my experience, usually just applying pressure to the end of the nail is enough without the powder. Unlike clipping nails, if you do get close enough to hit the quick when grinding, it is so slight that it does not bleed very much and the dogs do not seem to hurt as much as when you "clip" the quick. But, I still keep it on hand. The Vaseline is just for vanity. When you grind, there is a lot of dust and the nails get rather dusty and grimy looking. If you put some Vaseline on when done, they look all nice and shiny black again:Dog nail grinders are powered rotary tools that are available as corded, rechargeable, or battery-powered devices. Before dog-specific nail grinders were common, pet groomers used rotary tools such as the Dremel.​The first and most important step for successful nail grinding is to get your dog accustomed to the noise of a dog nail grinder. For some dogs, this will be challenging.For our dogs, we like to use standard rotary tools like the Dremel the best. It has excellent power and we can use it for other tasks aside from dog nail grinding. The only con is that standard non pet-specific Dremels cost more than pet specific dog nail grinders.This Dremel dog nail grinder is rated at 4.8 volts of power and grinds at two speeds - 6,500 rpm and 13,000 rpm. The lower speed is a great starting point and is not too loud for nervous dogs. The higher speed has more than enough power to efficiently grind your dogs nails