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Keep your mud-loving dog safe on the trails with the Mud Monster Dog Boots by Muttluks in Blue!
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Keep your mud-loving dog safe on the trails with the Mud Monster Dog Boots by Muttluks in Blue!Why We Love It:These rugged summer boots are the "Supreme!" choice from Muttluks Paw Protection Series. Our Blue Mud Monsters feature 100% recycled rubber and numerous other features, these boots reflect Muttluks "Integrity at Work" and commitment to quality.More dogs love these boots with their soft, flexible soles with "barefoot" technology. They are "pawsitively" comfortable and adaptable to paw shape and movement.These summer dog boots are ideal for running trails or for skirting urban hazards such as broken glass and hot pavement. The breathable mesh upper keeps your pet cool and comfortable.Get the right size boots by checking the size of front paws and back paws as they may vary. Boots are sold as a set of 2 for front or back so you can customize to your pet. Normally, dogs need one size smaller for the back paws. Correct sizing is key to boot performance, fit and wear. Boots that are too large may slip off or wear prematurely.Sizing Information:Size 1: 1.5" Width 2.5" Length
Size 2: 1.75" Width 2.75" Length
Size 3: 2" Width 3" Length
Size 4: 2.125" Width 3.25" Length
Size 5: 2.375" Width 3.5" Length
Size 6: 2.5" Width 3.75" Length
Size 7: 2.75" Width 4" Length
Size 8: 3.375" Width 4.25" Length
Keep your mud loving dog safe on the trails with the Mud Monster Dog Boots by Muttluks!
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Since we’ve owned a pair of Muttluks® Dog Hiking Boots for over 15 years – I am a huge advocate of how long-lasting they are. We originally bought them for snow conditions when we lived in Washington, but they have held up well with occasional use here in Arizona under drastically different conditions. They stay on well and are comfortable for Maia. The pair we own is very broken in so that might have something to do with how comfortable they are. Prepare your pup's paws for any conditions with the Muttluks Fleece-Lined Dog Boots.
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Photo provided by PexelsAll Weather Muttluks® Dog Boots
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The first brand we tried were like balloons. We couldn't evenget them onto the dogs' paws. So I returned them to the storeand bought another brand called Muttluks. This brand was alsonot easy to put on but at least was much easier compared to the firstbrand. I don't think any dog boots are easy to put on.It was immediately obvious why Muttluks are twice the price of Hott Doggers – it’s the difference between a nice pair of casual shoes and working winter boots. Muttluks are heavier, and the material is thicker like a ski jacket. There’s more Velcro on the straps so they’re easier to secure, and are reflective too. I especially like how the high cuffs protect his legs from the wind and loose snow.The Hott Doggers worked just fine, but it was time consuming for us to wrap up every little paw three or four times a day, especially when we were only going out for literally a minute. I kept eyeing the original , but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend as much on tiny dog boots as I might for shoes for myself! Finally, I decided that maybe the elastic cuffs on the Muttluks would mean they’d slip on and off more quickly and make my mornings go a little more smoothly. Back to the store we went, and fitted Mo with a set of XSmall boots in Black.For me, the best part about the Muttluks is the leather tip near the toenail area on each dog boot. I’ve found that’s the first place to wear out on other (less expensive) brands of dog boots. presents Clint Cora, author of 'Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box', reviewing the use of Muttluks dog boots for winter.

In addition to effective techniques to litterbox train dogs, Clint also offers a free basic dog obedience training video which demonstrates the minimum standards all dogs and their owners should learn. Training drills are also shown. Go to for access.This review is short because we only had these boots for a couple days: I bought them last summer, Robin got bad blisters, and then I noticed that they had raw edges on the inside. I returned them in disgust, but now that we’ve tested the other three boots, I’ve realized that I acted a bit hastily. I won’t be re-buying these for Robin, but I do think that Muttluks All Weathers bring something unique to the table and may be a great option for other dogs.